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Zionism and Moroccan Judaism

(9,883 words)

Author(s): Toledano, Henry
Defined in broad religious and nationalistic terms, Zionism is the attachment of Jews to the land of Israel, Eretz Yisrael, the messianic yearnings for redemption, the prayer and hope for the restoration of the national homeland, and the ingathering of exiles. Such Zionism is as old as exile itself and has been widespread among all Jews at all times. It antedates the political Zionism of Herzl as well as the spiritual Zionism of Ahad Haʾam. It may be called pre-Herzlian Zionism. A midrash states that the messiah w…

Morocco, Practice of Judaism in

(11,131 words)

Author(s): Toledano, Henry
The settlement of Jews in Morocco dates back to Greco-Roman and even Phoenician times. The Jewish presence during the Greco-Roman period (beginning in 150 b.c.e.) is attested by archaeological remains, Jewish tombstones with both Hebrew and Latin inscriptions, and slabs from ancient synagogues. There are various interesting theories as to the origins of this community, some of a purely legendary nature, others more historical. However, it is with the beginning of the Islamic period that Moroccan Jewry achieves cultural prominence. Soon after the establishmen…