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Author(s): Tsunehiko Sugiki
The Samvara, Śamvara, or Cakrasaṃvara scriptural cycle constitutes the latest stage of the Buddhist yoginītantra literature in the early medieval Indian subcontinent. Many tantras belong to this scriptural tradition, such as Abhidhānottaratantra, Cakrasaṃvaratantra, Caturyoginīsampuṭatantra, Jñānodayatantra, Ḍākārṇavatantra, Yoginījālatantra, Yoginīsaṃcāratantra, Vajraḍākatantra, Vārāhīkalpa-tantra, Saṃvarodayatantra, Sampuṭodbhavatantra, and Herukābhyudayatantra. The earliest tantra among them is the Cakrasaṃvaratantra (also called Herukābhidhānat…