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Crispin and Crispinian, Saints

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Author(s): Unterburger, Klaus
[German Version] The feast of St. Crispin and St. Crispinian is observed on Oct 15. The veneration of their burial place is attested by a 6th-century church in Soissons, where (according to the legendary Passio) they suffered martyrdom during the reign of Diocletian, after having made shoes for the poor without charge. In the 9th century, relics came to Osnabrück and they became that city's patron saints. Since the High Middle Ages, they have been venerated as the patron saints of shoemakers, tanners, and saddlers. Klaus Unterburger Bibliography Sources: ActaSS Oct. XI, 1864, 495–540 Gre…


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Author(s): Unterburger, Klaus
[German Version] Lourdes, Marian pilgrimage site in southern France. The roots of the pilgrimage are in alleged apparitions of Mary, beginning on Feb 11, 1858, to a poor 14-year-old miller's daughter, Bernadette Soubirous. In the first apparition, in the grotto of Massabielle she saw a girl wearing a white dress and veil, with a blue belt and yellow roses on her feet. The apparitions were repeated during the following three weeks; the silent apparitions ¶ were followed by a second phase, in which she was told to do penance on behalf of sinners. On Feb 25, at the direct…


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Author(s): Unterburger, Klaus | Spanke, Daniel
[English Version] , die Heilige. I.Kirchengeschichtlich. Legendarische, im Spät-MA und in der Barockzeit sehr populäre Heiligengestalt (Fest 4.2. bzw. 27.2.). Ausgangspunkt ist die Abgar-Legende (Eus.h.e. I 13), nach der Jesus dem König von Edessa eine wundertätige Tuchikone von seinem Antlitz schickte. Nach einer jüngeren Tradition wurde die Ikone dessen Tochter Beronike übergeben. Im Westen wird (erstmals ActPil 7) die legendarische Gestalt mit der blutflüssigen Frau (Mt 9,20 par.; vgl. als Ansatz…

Veronica, Saint

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Author(s): Unterburger, Klaus | Spanke, Daniel
[German Version] I. Church History St. Veronica is a legendary figure, very popular in the late Middle Ages and the Baroque period (feast day Feb 4 ¶ or 27). The basis of her legend is the story of Abgar (Eus. Hist. eccl. I 13), according to which Jesus sent the king of Edessa a miraculous cloth icon with his face imprinted on it. In a later tradition, he handed the icon down to his daughter Beronike. In the West (earliest mention Acts Pil. 7), the legendary Veronica was identified with the hemorrhaging woman in Matt 9:20 par. (starting point already in Eus. Hist. eccl. VII 18) and one of the wom…

Vatican I

(4,068 words)

Author(s): Bischof, Franz Xaver | Unterburger, Klaus | Klausnitzer, Wolfgang
[German Version] I. History, Process, Results 1. Annoucement and preparation. The idea of holding a general council for the church to assert its authority and its defensive stance against a modernity shaped by Enlightenment and revolution was first suggested to Pius IX during exile in Gaëta. The plan took shape after the pope – two days before the publication of the encyclical Quanta cura and the Syllabus on Dec 8, 1864, and in close connection with their condemnation of modern fallacies – carried out a first confidential consultation with the cardinals reg…

Vaticanum I

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Author(s): Bischof, Franz Xaver | Unterburger, Klaus | Klausnitzer, Wolfgang
[English Version] I. Geschichte, Prozeß, Ergebnisse 1.Ankündigung und Vorbereitung Die Idee eines Allg. Konzils zur kirchl. Selbstbehauptung im Zeichen der Autorität und Defensivhaltung gegen die durch Aufklärung und Revolution geprägte Moderne war erstmals 1849, während des Exils in Gaëta, an Pius IX. herangetragen worden. Gestalt gewann der Plan, nachdem der Papst zwei Tage vor der Publikation der Enzyklika »Quanta cura« und des »Syllabus« am 8.12.1864 und in engstem Zusammenhang mit der darin erfolg…

Kirche und Staat

(4,649 words)

Author(s): Unterburger, Klaus | Sparn, Walter | Schneider, Bernd Christian | Synek, Eva
1. Einleitung Das wechselseitige, aber nie symmetrische Gegenüber von K.u. S. im nzl. Europa ist das Ergebnis einer histor. Entwicklung, die einerseits an der politischen Ethik des NT (Röm 13; Offb 13) orientiert blieb, die aber andererseits tiefgreifende Veränderungen sowohl der kirchlichen als auch der staatlichen Institutionen, nämlich die Entstehung der nzl. Territorial- und Nationalstaaten, zu bewältigen hatte. Anfänglich war die Vorstellung leitend, dass die europ. Staaten in der Nachfolge des Röm…

Church and state

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Author(s): Unterburger, Klaus | Sparn, Walter | Schneider, Bernd Christian | Synek, Eva
1. Introduction The reciprocal but never symmetrical relationship between Church andState in early modern Europe was the result of a historical development that in some respects remained indebted to the political ethics of the New Testament (Rom 13; Rv 13), while in other respects confronting profound changes in both ecclesiastical and secular political institutions, specifically the emergence of the early modern territorial and nation state. At first, the underlying assumption was that the Europe…
Date: 2019-03-20
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