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Author(s): Végh, Zoltán (Salzburg)
[German version] The majority of scholars consider the word plagium to be derived from the Greek πλάγιος ( plágios, 'treacherous', 'oblique'), but the Latin plaga ('trapping net') is also considered a possibility. In Roman law, plagium is a collective term for any presumption of the right of dominion over another human, e.g. kidnap, human trafficking, treating a free person as a slave, inciting the escape of, concealing or detaining others' slaves. Culpability of a plagium was regulated by the lex Fabia (probably 2nd or 1st cent. BC), thus: crimen legis Fabiae ('crime under the lex F…


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Author(s): Végh, Zoltán (Salzburg)
[German version] In Roman law, banishment, a milder form of exilium ; imposed in the Roman Republic, by the pater familias (head of the family) against members of his house, by the Senate and the magistrates; in the imperial era, also a status punishment without loss of honour for honestiores (members of the upper class). There was a variety of degrees: relegatio from 1/2 - 10 years and relegatio perpetua (permanent relegatio) on the mainland and relegatio in insulam (on an island). In addition, stay in a specific place could be forbidden. Violation of the banishment was …

Receptio nominis

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Author(s): Végh, Zoltán (Salzburg)
[German version] In Roman criminal proceedings ( quaestio procedure), the final acceptance of a complaint ( delatio nominis ) by the presiding member of the responsible quaestio , i.e. its 'entry' in the list of the proceedings pending with the court. If the accused confessed during the initial questioning by the responsible magistrate, the magistrate could immediately pronounce the punishment, the RN was thus superfluous. Only if the accused contested the charge did the RN occur and thus the preparatio…