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Pioneers of Neo-Latin Studies—Henry De Vocht

(540 words)

Author(s): Verbeke, Demmy
¶ Hendrik Alfons De Vocht (Turnhout, 1878-Leuven, 1962), commonly referred to as Henry or Henri De Vocht, entered the Catholic priesthood after five years of study at the Seminary of Mechlin in 1902. H…

History of Neo-Latin Studies

(8,401 words)

Author(s): Verbeke, Demmy
¶ Over the years, I have had the pleasure and privilege of discussing the nature and history of Neo-Latin studies with a large number of colleagues and friends. In particular, I would like to thank Pat…

Neo-Latin Online

(627 words)

Author(s): Verbeke, Demmy
¶ Perhaps the most important use made by Neo-Latin scholars of the Internet so far is for the publication of Neo-Latin texts, either in the form of a digital reproduction of the original imprint or in …

Neo-Latin Societies

(503 words)

Author(s): Verbeke, Demmy
¶ In 1973, the International Association for Neo-Latin Studies (IANLS) was founded at an international conference of Neo-Latin scholars in Amsterdam. The founding officers of IANLS were Jozef IJsewijn (1932–1…

Pioneers of Neo-Latin Studies—Paul Oskar Kristeller

(660 words)

Author(s): Verbeke, Demmy
¶ Paul Oskar Kristeller (Berlin, 1905–New York, 1999), one of the foremost Renaissance scholars of the twentieth century, also made ground-breaking contributions to the field of Neo-Latin studies. Kris…

Neo-Latin Book Series

(669 words)

Author(s): Verbeke, Demmy
¶ Several series of publications are specifically dedicated to or are otherwise relevant for Neo-Latin studies. Most of these provide editions (with or without translations into a modern vernacular) of…

Neo-Latin Journals

(575 words)

Author(s): Verbeke, Demmy
¶ Only two journals are explicitly and exclusively devoted to Neo-Latin studies. The first is Humanistica Lovaniensia (HL), which was originally founded as a series of monographs concerning Renaissance humanism in th…

Pioneers of Neo-Latin Studies—Jozef IJsewijn

(486 words)

Author(s): Verbeke, Demmy
¶ Jozef A. M. K. IJsewijn (Zwijndrecht, 1932-Leuven, 1998) first came into contact with Neo-Latin literature as a student of Henry De Vocht at the University of Leuven, where he studied classical philo…

Letters of Dedication

(1,083 words)

Author(s): Verbeke, Demmy | De Landtsheer, Jeanine
¶ The origins of the dedicatory letter go back to Graeco-Roman antiquity. One of the first authors to add a separate letter addressed to a kinsman, a friend, or a possible patron to his manuscripts was Archimedes (287–212 bc). By the firs…