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Uniqueness of Christianity

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Author(s): Vroom, Hendrik M.
[German Version] I. Systematic Theology Christianity’s “uniqueness” can mean different things: the superiority of Christianity to other worldviews or its uniqueness in the sense of exclusive validity. It can also have various referents – Christianity itself, the church, doctrine (truth), salvation, revelation, or Jesus Christ. A claim to uniqueness is incompatible with ideas of the ¶ essential equality of relativity of all religions. Superiority admits the possibility of recognizing the relative value of other worldviews as vehicles of partial salvat…


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Author(s): Pollmann, Karla | D'Costa, Gavin | Vroom, Hendrik M. | Lange, Dietz | Neuner, Peter | Et al.
[German Version] I. History of Literature (Early Church) – II. Philosophy of Religion – III. Fundamental Theology – IV. Dogmatics – V. Ethics – VI. Ecumenism – VII. Dialogue and Mission I. History of Literature (Early Church) Dialogue, as a philosophical disputation with the objective of vanquishing the opponent at all costs, originated with the Sophists (Sophistic School); as a literary form, Plato's …