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Author(s): Leppin, Hartmut (Hannover) | Tinnefeld, Franz (Munich) | Wermelinger, Otto (Fribourg)
(Πελάγιος; Pelágios). [German version] [1] Schoolfellow and friend of Libanius, high-ranking official Fellow student and friend of Libanius, in AD 357; represented his home city Cyrrhus (in Euphratensis) before Constantius [2] II in Italy; in about 382 he was consularis Syriae; he died in 393, a non-Christian (it is to him that Lib. Epist. 1325 and 1334 are addressed). PLRE 1, 686 (P. 1). Leppin, Hartmut (Hannover) [German version] [2] Epic poet and historian, 5th cent. Silentiarius ( Silentiarii ), distinguished epic poet and probably also historian…


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Author(s): Wermelinger, Otto (Fribourg)
[German version] Catholic bishop of Sitifis in Mauretania (modern Sétif in Algeria) 403-437 (driven out by the Vandals), † 23 August 440 in exile (funerary inscription CIL VIII 8634). N. participated in the Conference of Carthage in 411 (Gesta Conlationis Carthaginiensis 1,2; 1,55; 2,2) and the councils of Mileve in 416 (Aug. Epist. 176), Carthage in 418 and Carthage in 419 (CCL 149. 151). He was invited to the council of Spoleto planned for June 419 by Galla [3] Placidia. In 429/30 he introduced the comes Darius to Augustine (Aug. Epist. 229-230). Wermelinger, Otto (Fribourg) Bibliograph…


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Author(s): Käppel, Lutz (Kiel) | Wermelinger, Otto (Fribourg)
[German version] I. Greek (Μισηνός; Misēnós). [German version] [I 1] Trumpeter of Hector Trumpeter of Hector and, after his death, of Aeneas [1] (Verg. Aen. 6,164ff.), son of the Trojan Aeolus (ibid.; cf. Ov. Met. 14,103). When competing in shell-blowing against a trumpeter called Trito in the Bay of Cumae, he perished in the waves and was lost (Verg. Aen. 6,171ff.). Later, his body was recovered and, on the command of Sibyl (ibid. 149ff.), ceremoniously buried (ibid. 175ff.). Eponym of the foothills of Misenum (Strab. 5,4,6; Dion. Hal. Ant. Rom. 1,53). Käppel, Lutz (Kiel) …
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