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Classical Arabic

(5,531 words)

Author(s): Wolfdietrich Fischer
  1. General definitions Classical Arabic designates that form of Arabic which was described by the Arab grammarians of the 8th century and called by them al-ʿarabiyya. They regarded this as the only correct Arabic language. Western scholars call it Classical Arabic to differentiate it from the Arabic vernaculars of the neo-Arabic type. It is the language in which the Arabic texts of pre-Islamic and early Islamic times were handed down, first of all the Qurʾān and pre-Islamic and early Islamic poetry, but also the historical and legal traditions of that time. In the process …
Date: 2018-04-01


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Author(s): Wolfdietrich Fischer
1. General definitions Adjectives refer to a noun (substantive) which they qualify. They may take the position of an attribute, a predicate, or a predicative ( circumstantial predicative). Usually attributes, predicates, and circumstantial predicatives come after the reference noun (Fassi Fehri 1999:107–112). Their reference to the noun is marked by agreement in gender and number and also, if they function as an attribute, in case and definiteness/indefiniteness. There are no special morphological signs to mark a noun as an adjective because, i…
Date: 2018-04-01