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Humanist Centres—Leiden and Philology

(1,589 words)

Author(s): van Dam, Harm-Jan
¶ Leiden University, founded by the States of Holland and Zeeland as a substitute for the Catholic universities of Douai and Louvain in the south and as an alternative for the German Protestant univers…

Adversaria, Annotationes, Miscellanea

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Author(s): van Dam, Harm-Jan
Adversaria, annotationes, and miscellanea constitute a genre in the broad sense of the word, which has its roots in classical antiquity and was revived and developed further in the Italian Renaissance. As more and more ancient tex…

Statius (Papinius Publius Statius)

(9,219 words)

Author(s): Scioli, Emma | Van Dam, Harm-Jan
A. Author and work Publius Papinius Statius was born at Naples between AD 40 and 50 and died c. AD 96. The son of a teacher, Statius was well-versed in Greek and Latin literature. He experienced success in poetry contests and recitations at Rome and was admitted into the inner circle at the court of the emperor Domitian. He wrote the Silvae ( Silv.), a five-book collection of occasional poems, and an epic poem the Thebaid ( Theb.) that tells the story of the struggle between Theban and Argive forces that followed the conflict between Eteocles and Polynices, the sons of Oedipus. He died after ¶ compl…

Statius (Papinius Publius Statius)

(9,041 words)

Author(s): Scioli, Emma | van Dam, Harm-Jan
A. Autor und Werk B. Thebaïs C. Silvae A. Autor und Werk Publius Papinius Statius wurde zwischen 40 und 50 n.Chr. in Neapel geboren und starb etwa im Jahr 96. Er war Sohn eines Lehrers und in der griech. wie der lat. Literatur belesen. S. trat bei Dichterwettbewerben und Rezitationen erfolgreich auf und wurde in den inneren Zirkel am Hof Kaiser Domitians aufgenommen. Er verfasste die Silvae ( Silv.), eine Sammlung von Gelegenheitsgedichten in fünf Büchern (s. u. C.), und ein Epos, die Thebaïs ( Th.), über den Kampf zwischen den Streitkräften Thebens und Argos, der auf den Streit…