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Author(s): von Behr, Benita
1. Water is a prerequisite for any life, and determines the daily existence of all persons at all moments. It is as much as about sixty percent of our body, and covers three fourths of the earth's surface. We encounter it as sweet water—as a spring, a river, a waterfall, a lake, dew, rain, clouds, ice, and snow. We use it as we eat, bathe, or drink. It quenches thirst, freshens, cools, heals, cleans, flushes the old out and the new in. Where it is missing, as in the desert, the effect is as life…

Dalai Lama

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Author(s): von Behr, Benita
Office and Institution 1. The title Dalai Lama (usually translated ‘Ocean of Wisdom,’ from the Mongolian talai, ‘Ocean wherein wisdom is enclosed,’ and the Tibetan lama, ‘teacher, master’) denotes the highest office in the political and spiritual system of Tibetan Buddhism. In 1578, it was conferred upon the third Great Lama of the Lamaistic Gelugpa (‘Yellow Caps’) by Mongolian sovereign Altan Khan, then Protective Lord of Tibet, in recognition of Buddhist teaching, and posthumously extended to both of his predecessors. In the Tibetan Buddhist con…