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Author(s): Näf, Beat (Zürich RWG)
Näf, Beat (Zürich RWG) [German version] A. Antiquity and Swiss History (CT) [32] Long before the foundation of the modern federal state (1848), the history of the various ancient peoples and cultures on the territory of present-day Switzerland (S.) was understood as constituting a thematic unity. Such an understanding of history is found at the period of the 13-town Confederacy (1513-1798). Ancient Helvetia in particular was seen as fundamental to the understanding of the later history and the present. Afte…


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Author(s): Näf, Beat (Zürich RWG)
Näf, Beat (Zürich RWG) [German version] A. Definitions (CT) The nobility and its rule are a decisive element in the societies of numerous cultures. In defining nobility, various dimensions will be considered in each case: these include peculiarities of a particular historical epoch as well as structural characteristics which have remained the same or at least comparable throughout the ages. Among the latter are: lineage and affiliation, synchronically with clans and diachronically with dynasties; inherit…


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Author(s): Näf, Beat (Zürich RWG) | Kuhn-Chen, Barbara (Gießen RWG) | Höcker, Christoph (Kissing) | Stroszeck, Jutta (Athens) | Zervoudaki, Eos (Athens)
Näf, Beat (Zürich RWG) [German version] I. History and interpretation (CT) Näf, Beat (Zürich RWG) [German version] A. Introduction (CT) Among the great places of antiquity that are of decisive importance for the culture and heritage of the western world, Athens (A.) plays a most important role. Nonetheless, it should be noted that the historical influence of Rome is greater. Since time immemorial Jerusalem, in particular, has been in competition with A. with respect to the question of which city was the foundation…


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Author(s): Näf, Beat (Zürich) RWG | Kuhn-Chen, Barbara (Gießen) RWG | Höcker, Christoph (Kissing) RWG | Stroszeck, Jutta (Athen) RWG | Zervoudaki, Eos (Athen) RWG
Näf, Beat (Zürich) RWG [English version] I. Geschichte und Deutung (RWG) Näf, Beat (Zürich) RWG [English version] A. Einleitung (RWG) Unter den großen Orten des Alt., welche Kultur und Gedächtnis der westl. Welt bestimmen, kommt A. eine erstrangige Rolle zu. Immerhin ist festzuhalten, daß die geschichtliche Wirkung Roms größer ist. Seit jeher stand insbes. Jerusalem mit A. im Wettbewerb, wenn es um die Frage ging, welches die Fundamente von Geschichte und Kultur seien und sein müßten. Sparta wiederum galt schon in…