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Africa: Time Chart

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Author(s): Hock, Klaus
1. Pre- and Ancient History (c. 4 million-5000 BCE) c. 4 million BCE Australopithecus Afarensis Skeletal finds suggest that the ‘cradle of humanity’ lies in Africa. c. 70.000 Evidence of burials in Southern Africa from c. 26.000 Earliest African rock paintings, in Southern Africa (today's Namibia) The rock paintings document the experience of ritual specialists; the painted places are ‘power centers’ at which contact may be had with the supra-terrestrial world. from c. 20.000 Clay figures in Algeria, carved objects in Southern Africa 2. The Ancient Kingdoms (c. 6th millenium BCE-1st …

Charitable Organizations

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Author(s): Hock, Klaus
Task of All Religions 1. Concern for those who have fallen into need, to support them, in deed, by counsel, and with economic assistance, is regarded as an important duty by all religions. Commitment to the cause of the weak is one of the fundamental commandments with which the religions foster the cohesiveness of society. Granted, there are differences in the determination of the goal: whether caritas (Lat., ‘[unselfish] love,’ ‘charity’) is exhausted merely in the bestowal of superfluities or alms, so that one acquires religious merit thereby, or whether ins…