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Ugolini, Romano Ungern-Sternberg, Jürgen von Ungern-Sternberg, Wolfgang von Unterburger, Klaus Urbach, Otto Urban viii (Maffeo Vincenzo Barberini), Pope Ustorf, Werner

11. Pontifical Unionism from Pius IX to Pius X

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Author(s): Pettinaroli, Laura
In: Volume 1 Dawn of Ecumenism | Part II. Prehistory: The Challenges of Modernity previous chapter 1 Introduction In 1856, when Fr. Jean-Xavier (Ivan Sergeyevich) Gagarin, a Russian Orthodox who had converted to Catholicism and become a Jesuit, chose primary sources for the appendices of his book, La Russie sera-t-elle catholique?, he could only publish old texts: the decree of union of the Council of Florence (1439), Clement viii’s bull on the reunion of Russian bishops (1595), and Benedict xiv’s encyclical to missionaries assigned to the East, Allatae sunt (1755).1 The situation w…

2. Before Ecumenism, at the Dawn of Modernity: Historical-Political Causes and Effects of the Revolutions of the 18th Century

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Author(s): Lamberigts, Mathijs
In: Volume 1 Dawn of Ecumenism | Part I. Preamble: Long Term Issues previous chapter 1 Introduction In his preface to Les défis de la modernité, which he edited for Jean-Marie Mayeur’s Histoire du Christianisme, the master of French religious historiography Bernard Plongeron asserted that no diachronic synthesis or reconstruction of the Christian experience can avoid dealing with certain “hot spots”1 in the history of the churches, even when it is not tempted to be an histoire événementielle and when it permits itself to go beyond the usual sphere of institutional histor…