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Xanthos (765)

(106,099 words)

Author(s): Paradiso, Annalisa
This entry was prepared by Annalisa Paradiso and published on 1 April 2018. About this Historian Historian: Xanthos Jacoby number: 765 Attested works: History of Lydia: T1a, T6, T7, F1, F2, F2a, F5-11 F13a, F18a, F20a, F21, F24, F25, F27; On the Magi: F31 Historian's date: 5th century BC Historical focus: III. History of Cities and Peoples (Horography and Ethnography) | C. Authors on Single Countries | XX. Lydia Place of origin:   BNJ 765 T 1a Source: Suda, s.v. Ξάνθος Κανδαύλου (ξ 9 Adler) Work mentioned: History of Lydia Source date: 10th century AD Source language: Greek Source genre: Lingu…

Nikolaos of Damaskos (90)

(195,339 words)

Author(s): Favuzzi, Andrea | Paradiso, Annalisa
This entry was prepared by Andrea Favuzzi and Annalisa Paradiso and published on 1 October 2018. Andrea Favuzzi translated and commented on FF 19-20, 72-81, 83-84, 89-143, and also wrote the Biographical Essay; Annalisa Paradiso translated and commented on TT 1-15 and FF 1-18, 21-71, 82, 85-88. About this Historian Historian: Nikolaos of Damaskos Jacoby number: 90 Attested works: Universal History: F1-102; Life and Upbringing of Caesar: F 125-130; About his Own Life and Upbringing: F131-139 Historian's date: 1st century BC – 1st century AD Historical focus: II. Chronography (Polit…