Brill’s New Jacoby, Second Edition


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Demaratos (42)

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Author(s): Banchich, Thomas
This entry was prepared by Thomas Banchich and published on 1 October 2017. About this Historian Historian: Demaratos Jacoby number: 42 Attested works: On Arkadia: F 2, F 2a; On Phrygia: F 3; On Rivers: F 4 Historian's date: 3rd century BC Historical focus: I. Mythological History ( Genealogy and Mythography) | C. Monographs, Novels, Pseudographic Literature | Place of origin: unknown   BNJ 42 F 1 Source: Stobaios, Florilegium 3.39.33 (1.730.7-16 Hense) Work mentioned: Source date: 5th century AD Source language: Greek Source genre: Mythology, Greek - Library of Congress Literature, Ancient--History and criticism - Library of Congress Fragment subject: Theater—Greece - Library of Congress Oracles, Greek - Library of Congress Sacrifice - Library of Congress Textual base: O. Hense (eds.) Ioannis Stobaei Anthologii Libri Duo Posteriores 1 (Berlin 1894); Jacoby Stobaios, Florilegium, 3.39.33Δημαράτου ἐν τρίτωι Τραγωιδουμένων· ᾽Αθηναίων πρὸς Εὐμολπον τὸν Θραικῶν βασιλέα πόλεμον ἐχόντων, ᾽Ερεχθεὺς ὁ τῆς ᾽Αττικῆς προιστάμενος χρησμὸν ἔλαβεν ὅτι νικήσει τοὺς ἐχθρού…