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Counsel For Zimri-Lim About Preparations For Campaign (FM 2.116) (4.60)

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Author(s): Miglio, Adam E.
Commentary Subject: Num 31:9–11; Deut 2:35; Judg 5:30 Sumu-hadu was a governor ( šāpitum) who had served during the reign of Yasmah-Addu. After Yasmah-Addu’s reign was over, however, Sumu-hadu swore a loyalty oath to Zimri-Lim, the new king at Mari.1 In this letter, Sumu-hadu wrote to Zimri-Lim about preparing for a campaign to Shubat-Enlil, the capital where Shamshi-Adad had resided. According to Sumu-hadu, Turum-natki, the king of Apum, supported Zimri-Lim’s campaign (cf. ARM 10.5 [4.61]). Sumu-hadu planned to have the mobile pastoralists from the Yamina assemble …