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Sopater [2]

(2,236 words)

Author(s): Castelli, Carla
Entry Version: This is the English version of this article translated by Patrick Hogan. The original Italian version was written by Carla Castelli and published on 04/04/2019. Here is the Italian version of this entry. Grammarian: Name: Sopater [2] | Σώπατρος Identity: Perseus | Pauly-Wissowa | BNP Place of Origin: Athens/Alexandria? Date: second half/end of the 4th c. CE? ↓ To Source List Biography: The biographical profile and dating of the rhetor1 Sopater remain uncertain. He may have lived in the second half of the 4th c. CE, if it is true that Himerius2 was his teacher, as he himse…