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Ptolemaeus [6] VIII Euergetes II

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Author(s): Savio, Martina
Entry Version: This is the English version of this article translated by Patrick Hogan. The original Italian version was written by Martina Savio and published on 01/11/2018. Here is the Italian version of this entry. Grammarian: Name: Ptolemaeus [6] VIII Euergetes II | Πτολεμαῖος ὁ Εὐεργήτης Identity: Perseus | BNP | BNJ Place of Origin: Alexandria Date: post 182 – 116 BCE ↓ To Source List Biography: Ptolemy VIII Euergetes II was the son of Ptolemy V Epiphanes1 and Cleopatra I2, and he was the younger brother of Ptolemy VI Philometor3. The terminus post quem for his birth has been fixed at 182 BCE. Originally (172–164 BCE) he shared the kingdom with his older brother, but then he was dismissed by him and became king of Cyrene (163–146 BCE). After the death of his brother in 145 BCE and the ascension of that man’s young son to the throne as Ptolemy VII Neos-Philopator4, Ptolemy wed the widow of his brother (Cleopatra II5) in 144 BCE, brought…