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Les navires de guerre dans les eaux territoriales étrangères (Volume 65)

(41,870 words)

Author(s): Baldoni, Claudio
Baldoni, Claudio Keywords: Warships | Territorial sea | Mots clefs: Navires de guerre | Mer territoriale | ABSTRACT The purpose of Claudio Baldoni's course is to explain the international rules governing the legal status of warships in foreign territorial waters, where peaceful relations exist between the flag State and the coastal State. After a discussion of some general concepts, the author focuses on the admission and stay of warships in territorial waters. Finally, he examines the condition of warships in the same waters. Le cours de Claudio Baldoni a pour objet d'exposer…

La mer territoriale et la zone contiguë (Volume 48)

(45,134 words)

Author(s): Gidel, Gilbert
Gidel, Gilbert Keywords: Territorial sea | Contiguous zone | Mots clefs: Mer territoriale | Zone contiguë | ABSTRACT Territorial sea and Contiguous area are of different legal nature, explains Gilbert Gidel in the introduction of his course. Legally, territorial sea is characterized by what the Coastal State has there, the complete beam of competences recognized in the Coastal State in its coastal marine waters, while contiguous zone is the space where the Coastal State has certain rigorously specialized competen…

La condition juridique des navires de commerce (Volume 10)

(81,786 words)

Author(s): Fedozzi, Prospero
Fedozzi, Prospero Keywords: Ships | Jurisdiction | Territorial sea | Mots clefs: Navires | Juridiction | Mer territoriale | ABSTRACT The study of Prospero Fedozzi concerns the legal status of foreign commercial ship in the territorial waters of the State and domestic commercial ship in foreign territorial waters: in other words, the author examines the problem of the limits of jurisdiction, in relation to commercial ship, and of the laws and jurisdiction of the State on which the ship depend by virtue of their nationality. L'étude de Prospero Fedozzi concerne la condition juridi…