Collected Courses of the Hague Academy of International Law


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International Co-operation in Energy Affairs (Volume 372)

(39,857 words)

Author(s): Dolzer, Rudolf
Dolzer, Rudolf Keywords: Energy | Energy policy | International organizations | Sovereignty | Natural resources | International co-operation | Energy Charter Treaty (Lisbon, 17 December 1994) | Mots clefs: ABSTRACT The point of this course is to understand how the existing energy markets function, and who are the actors. States have seen their role evolving in the markets as, since 1945, sovereignty over national resources has become essential for them. The current markets have specific rules reflecting the importance of Sta…

Le droit international relatif aux matières premières (Volume 177)

(29,187 words)

Author(s): Bennouna, Mohamed
Bennouna, Mohamed Keywords: Commodities | International co-operation | Mots clefs: Matières premières | Coopération internationale | ABSTRACT According to Mohamed Bennouna, Professor at the Faculty of Law in Rabat, the legal problem of international law relating to commodities is to analyze the compromise between the two apparently contradictory aspirations of developing countries which, in a context of unequal power relations, seek to gain control over their commodities while exchanging them under better condit…

Souveraineté des États et coopération pour le développement (Volume 141)

(27,422 words)

Author(s): Flory, Maurice
Flory, Maurice Keywords: Sovereignty | Economic development | International co-operation | Mots clefs: Souveraineté | Développement économique | Coopération internationale | ABSTRACT Development cooperation, which is a new aspect of international relations, lies within a framework of general principles governing international society and, in particular, the general principles of sovereignty. The problems posed by this form of cooperation to the sovereignty of States constitute the object of Maurice Flory`s course. Af…