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Introductory Lecture on the Law and the Growth of International Air Transport (Volume 135)

(5,809 words)

Author(s): Hammarskjöld, K.
Hammarskjöld, K. Keywords: Air transport | Mots clefs: Transports aériens | ABSTRACT In this introductory lecture on air transport law, K. Hammarskjold offers a historical review of the subject matter. He then presents the Chicago Convention, the restrictions, and the regime of the right to air transport. Dans ce cours introductif au droit du transport aérien, K. Hammarskjöld propose un rappel historique de la matière. Il présente ensuite la Convention de Chicago, puis les restrictions et le régime du droit de voler. [p414] Hammarskjöld, K. BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE [p415] Knut Hammarskjöl…

Sales Agency Contracts in the Field of Air Transport (Volume 135)

(2,328 words)

Author(s): J. Lester, M.
J. Lester, M. Keywords: Commercial agents | Air transport | Contracts | Mots clefs: Agents commerciaux | Transports aériens | Contrats | ABSTRACT In this course, M. J. Lester focuses on commercial aspects of air transport, i.e. how the airlines sell their air tickets, select their sellers, and control the sellers. Dans ce cours, M.J. Lester s'intéresse aux aspects commerciaux du transport aérien, c'est-à-dire à la manière dont les compagnies aériennes vendent leurs billets d'avion, sélectionnent leurs vendeurs, comment elles les contrôlent. BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE [p432] M. J. Lester, S…

Les conditions générales de transport de l’IATA (Volume 135)

(4,984 words)

Author(s): Legrez, François
Legrez, François Keywords: International Air Transport Association | Air transport | Mots clefs: Association du transport aérien international | Transports aériens | ABSTRACT Before proceeding to a quick review of the general conditions of IATA, Francois Legrez proposes to review the history. In his study, he endeavors to show the uniform character of right of the general conditions. Avant de procéder à un rapide examen des conditions générales de l'IATA, François Legrez se propose d'en faire l'historique. Il s'attache dans son étude à montrer le carac…

Le transport international aérien de passagers (Volume 373)

(79,318 words)

Author(s): Cachard, Olivier
Cachard, Olivier Keywords: Carriage of passengers and their luggage | Aircraft accidents | Private air law | International air law | Air transport | Unification of law | Contractual responsibility | Choice of law | Mots clefs: ABSTRACT Civil aviation has seen a standardization of its law due to the massification of air traffic, as well as the willingness of certain actors in favor of this standardization in the inter-state and multilateral framework. The course focuses on the application of this uniform law by the rules ratione materiae as ratione loci, and how the scope of applicati…

Air Carriers’ Liability in Respect of Passengers — from Warsaw 1929 via The Hague 1955 to Guatemala City 1971 (Volume 135)

(7,584 words)

W. GULDIMANN Keywords: Convention for the Unification of Certain Rules relating to International Carriage by Air (Warsaw, 12 November 1929) | Air transport | Accountability | Mots clefs: Convention pour l unification de certaines règles relatives au transport aérien international (Varsovie, 12 novembre 1929) | Transports aériens | Responsabilité | ABSTRACT W. Guldimann presents the main issues related to liability for air transport of passengers (excluding baggage and air cargo). W. Guldimann présente les principaux problèmes relatifs à la responsabilité en matièr…

Antitrust Laws and International Airline Co-Operation (Volume 135)

(10,202 words)

Author(s): G. Thomka-Gazdik, Q.C., J.
G. Thomka-Gazdik, Q.C., J. Keywords: Air transport | Cartels and monopolies | Mots clefs: Transports aériens | Cartels et monopoles | ABSTRACT In this course, J.G. Thomka-Gazdik presents IATA's activities, examines the nature of the criticisms directed against it, wonders what agreements are and what laws govern them, and asks whether the functions of IATA are illegal under international and domestic rules reflected in competition law. Dans son cours, J.G. Thomka-Gazdik présente les activités de l'IATA, examine la nature des critiques dirigées contre elle, se …