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Changements anticonstitutionnels de gouvernement et droit international (Volume 379)

(55,908 words)

Author(s): Ben Achour, Rafâa
Ben Achour, Rafâa Keywords: Politics | Government | Constitutional law | Political systems | Constitutional state | Democracy | International law | Regional organizations | Mots clefs: ABSTRACT Unconstitutional changes in government occur as a result of a process of accession to or maintenance of power outside the constitutional framework in violation of democratic principles of change of government and norms of rule of law. In the first part of this course, Rafaa Ben Achour declares that the universal law adopts an "inter…

Aspects internationaux du droit constitutionnel Contribution à la théorie de la fédération d’Etats (Volume 294)

(48,042 words)

Author(s): Zoller, Elisabeth
Zoller, Elisabeth Keywords: Federal states | Constitutional law | International law and domestic law | Mots clefs: Etats fédéraux | Droit constitutionnel | Droit international et droit interne | ABSTRACT Elizabeth Zoller, Professor at the University of Paris II, examines in this course the ability of an internal constitutional system to contain international elements. Federalism, so argues Professor Zoller, is an international process par excellence, insofar as its object is to bring people and States closer together, withou…

L’état de droit: émergence d’un principe du droit international (Volume 254)

(183,039 words)

Author(s): Morin, Jacques-Yvan
Morin, Jacques-Yvan Keywords: Constitutional state | Human rights | Constitutional law | Legal principles | International law | Mots clefs: Etat de droit | Droits de l'homme | Droit constitutionnel | Principes généraux du droit | Droit international | ABSTRACT Jacques-Yvon Morin, Professor at the University of Montreal, proposes in his course to measure the effectiveness of the principles of rule of law and the rules which result from it, not only within the State, but also on the international stage, where their increasing interdepen…

Constitutional Limits on Choice of Law (Volume 234)

(36,244 words)

Author(s): E. Herzog, Peter
E. Herzog, Peter Keywords: United States of America | Conflict of laws | Constitutional law | Common law | Civil law | Mots clefs: Etats-Unis d'Amérique | Droit interrégional | Droit constitutionnel | Pays de Common law | Droit civil | ABSTRACT The manner in which constitutional rules impact upon conflict of laws principles in different countries will vary with the content of both constitutional and choice of law rules. In this course, the author examines the impact of constitutional limitations on choice of law rules in several countri…

Modern Constitutions and International Law (Volume 192)

(57,197 words)

Author(s): Cassese, A.
Cassese, A. Keywords: Constitutional law | Public international law | Mots clefs: Droit constitutionnel | Droit international public | ABSTRACT Antonio Cassese, Professor at the University of Florence, describes in his course the attitude that modern states adopt toward the international community, insofar as this attitude is described in constitutional texts. More specifically, Antonio Cassese examines whether these States, in their constitutional texts, and to the extent that this is available, in their constitut…

Les tendances internationales des constitutions modernes (Volume 80)

(21,642 words)

Author(s): De Visscher, Paul
De Visscher, Paul Keywords: Treaties | Constitutional law | International law and domestic law | Mots clefs: Traités | Droit constitutionnel | Droit international et droit interne | ABSTRACT Whether we want to see in actual practice the first manifestations of an international constitutional law or want to see in international law "national law for external use", it is clear today that internationalists can no longer ignore evolution. In this course, Paul De Visscher focuses on the most recent trends in the phenomenon of ha…

Le droit constitutionnel et l'organisation de la paix (Droit constitutionnel de la pak) (Volume 45)

(37,206 words)

Author(s): Mirkine-Guetzévitch, Boris
Mirkine-Guetzévitch, Boris Keywords: Peace | Constitutional law | International law and domestic law | Renunciation of war | Mots clefs: Paix | Droit constitutionnel | Droit international et droit interne | Renonciation à la guerre | ABSTRACT The objective of Boris Mirkine-Guetzevitch’s course is to study the constitutional law of peace, that is, the study of the constitutional rules for the peace organization, the different forms by which the modern constitutional law can contribute to the consolidation of international peace. The…

Droit international et droit constitutionnel (Volume 38)

(53,202 words)

Author(s): Mirkine-Guetzévitch, B.
Mirkine-Guetzévitch, B. Keywords: Constitutional law | International law and domestic law | Mots clefs: Droit constitutionnel | Droit international et droit interne | ABSTRACT B. Mirkine- Guetzevitch studies in this course the relationship between Constitutional Law and International Law. First, he describes the historical method of studying the relationship between international law and constitutional law. He then examines the international law and constitutional regimes, international treaties, and constitutional law…