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Legal Nature of Jus Cogens In Contemporary International Law (Volume 172)

(16,658 words)

Author(s): Alexidze, Levan
Alexidze, Levan Keywords: Ius cogens | Public international law | Mots clefs: Jus cogens | Droit international public | ABSTRACT Levan Alexidze notes in the introduction to his course that the problem of jus cogens in contemporary international law has been widely commented by specialists representing various existing legal systems. Indeed, the question of whether there are rules of international law from which subjects of law cannot derogate even by mutual consent has become not only a theoretical topic of importa…

La condition internationale des missions catholiques (Volume 26)

(47,373 words)

Author(s): Goyau, Georges
Goyau, Georges Keywords: Public international law | Mots clefs: Droit international public | ABSTRACT Georges Goyau begins his course on the International Condition of Catholic missions with a presentation of the supra-national nature of Catholic missions. He then focuses on the protection of Christians in Muslim countries, and then on the protection of missions in "Pagan" countries and in particular to the French protectorate in China. The last chapter of the course is devoted to the changes in the international condition of missions by the Great War and subsequent treaties. Georges…

L’adaptation du droit international aux besoins changeants de la société internationale Conférence inaugurale, session de droit international public, 2007 (Volume 329)

(14,641 words)

Author(s): Pellet, Alain
Pellet, Alain Keywords: Public international law | Development of international law | International Law Commission | International Court of Justice | United Nations | General Assembly | Security Council | Mots clefs: Droit international public | ABSTRACT In this inaugural conference of the public international law session 2007, Alain Pellet, Professor at the University of Paris X - Nanterre, attempts to clarify the following theme: how does international law adapt to the changing needs of the international society? The question is …

Principes généraux de la responsabilité internationale d’après la doctrine et la jurisprudence (Volume 96)

(32,730 words)

Author(s): Accioly, Hildebrando
Accioly, Hildebrando Keywords: State responsibility | Legal principles | Public international law | Mots clefs: Responsabilité des Etats | Principes généraux du droit | Droit international public | ABSTRACT International responsibility, according to Hildebrando Accioly, is a legal position based on the well-known principle that, in the Community of Nations, as in civil society, all members of the Community, in their mutual relations, must observe rules of justice and respect their commitments. After a presentation of the ge…

La contribution de l’Amérique latine au développement du droit international public et privé (Volume 32)

(32,365 words)

Author(s): Yepes, J.-M.
Yepes, J.-M. Keywords: Latin America | Public international law | Development of international law | Private international law | Mots clefs: Amérique latine | Droit international public | Développement du droit international | Droit international privé | ABSTRACT J.-M. Yepes describes the Latin American legal doctrines stated by the Latin American publicists and statesmen and underlines the liberal nature in this course. After a presentation of Latin America’s place in the international organization, the author focuses on the role o…

The Formation of Customary International Law (Volume 272)

(111,678 words)

Author(s): H. Mendelson, Maurice
H. Mendelson, Maurice Keywords: International customary law | Public international law | Mots clefs: Droit coutumier international | Droit international public | ABSTRACT Maurice Mendelson, professor at University College, London, insists in his course on the formation of customary international law on the fact that when we think of customary law-making in the international community, we should be thinking less of the modern legal process than of the customary domestic societies which existed everywhere in the past, b…

General Course on Public International Law (Volume 106)

(88,364 words)

Author(s): Humphrey Waldock, Sir
Humphrey Waldock, Sir Keywords: Public international law | Mots clefs: Droit international public | ABSTRACT After a presentation of the beginnings of an organized international community, Humphrey Waldock continues his course with a study of the framework of international law today in 1962. He then focuses on the main sources of international law (international custom, general principles of law, and treaties), and then on subsidiary sources. He discusses the question of the judicial process in international l…

Economic Order and International Law (Volume 86)

(22,819 words)

Author(s): Röpke, Wilhelm
Röpke, Wilhelm Keywords: Economy | Public international law | Mots clefs: Economie | Droit international public | ABSTRACT In this course, Wilhelm Ropke intends to make explicit the connection between international law and international economy, as the belief in an autonomous economic sphere is erroneous, since economic life depends on a series of meta-economic circumstances, which constitute a moral, political, social and legal framework. After a presentation of the problem it arises, the author studies internat…

Non-alignement et droit international (Volume 151)

(42,210 words)

Author(s): Bedjaoui, Mohammed
Bedjaoui, Mohammed Keywords: Non-Aligned Countries | Public international law | Non-alignment | Mots clefs: Pays non-alignés | Droit international public | Non-alignement | ABSTRACT Mohammed Bedjaoui, Ambassador of Algeria in France, proposes in his course to assess the influence on the law and international relations of a growing category of States who claim to be non-aligned, who has an increased influence on World Affairs, and who challenge the rest of the world. The author thus presents two chapters entitled Interpellation and Participation, respectively. Mohammed Bedjaoui…

The Contribution of International Trade Law to the Development of International Law (Volume 260)

(52,617 words)

Author(s): M. McRae, Donald
M. McRae, Donald Keywords: General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade | International trade | Public international law | World Trade Organization | Mots clefs: Accord général sur les tarifs douaniers et le commerce | Droit commercial international | Droit international public | Organisation mondiale du commerce | ABSTRACT The object of this course by Donald M. McRae, Professor at the University of Ottawa, is to investigate the relationship between international law and international trade law. Professor McRae is interested in the way how the fiel…

Money in Public International Law (Volume 96)

(45,722 words)

Author(s): A. Mann, LL.D., F.
A. Mann, LL.D., F. Keywords: Currencies | Public international law | International financial law | Mots clefs: Monnaies | Droit international public | Droit international financier | ABSTRACT Frederick Mann explains in an introduction to his study that the Modern public international law of the money deals with four main subjects. Money is first and foremost one of the objects of the international organization, and its legal implications deserve attention. Then, the author studies main aspects of many treaties accompanying…

Chinese Contemporary Perspectives on International Law History, Culture and International Law (Volume 355)

(76,644 words)

Author(s): Hanqin, Xue
Hanqin, Xue Keywords: China | Public international law | International law | Sovereignty | International obligations | Human rights | Sustainable development | Multilateralism | Regionalism | Mots clefs: Chine | Droit international public | Droit international | Souveraineté | Obligations internationales | Droits de l'homme | Développement durable | Multilatéralisme | Régionalisme | ABSTRACT In this course, Xue Hanqin, Judge at the International Court of Justice, begins by providing a general introduction to Chinese perspectives on international law…

La Révolution Française et le Droit International actuel Conférence prononcée le 25 juillet 1989 (Volume 214)

(5,453 words)

Author(s): Dupuy, René-Jean
Dupuy, René-Jean Keywords: France | Revolutions | Public international law | Mots clefs: France | Révolutions | Droit international public | ABSTRACT In this conference devoted to the French Revolution in its relations with contemporary international law, Rene-Jean Dupuy, Pro…

L’humanité en quête de paix et de développement (I) Cours général de droit international public (2004) (Volume 324)

(185,305 words)

Author(s): Bedjaoui, Mohammed
Bedjaoui, Mohammed Keywords: Public international law | Mots clefs: Droit international public | ABSTRACT In this very detailed course, a true legal testament left by the Former President of the International Court of Justice, Mohammed Bedjaoui intends to question himself, keeping in mind the strong idea of human happiness as it appears in the writing of Thomas Jefferson, to know whether and how international law can, if the major objectives of peace and development are not achieved, at least contribute a lit…

Le Droit Des Gens Dans L’Espagne Du Xviiièmè Siècle (Volume 81)

(48,875 words)

Author(s): Herrero, Alejandro
Herrero, Alejandro Keywords: Spain | Public international law | Legal history | Mots clefs: Espagne | Droit international public | Histoire du droit | ABSTRACT After a general presentation of Spain's international law practice in the 18th century, Alejandro Herrero presents some authors and their works. He focuses on the concept of Jus Gentium among the 18th century Spanish authors. He presents a debate on the domination or instead on the freedom of the sea. The author discusses the subsequent developments on the issue of maritime warfare. Aprè…

Théorie du droit international public (Volume 84)

(68,532 words)

Author(s): Kelsen, Hans
Kelsen, Hans Keywords: Public international law | Legal theory | Mots clefs: Droit international public | Théorie du droit | ABSTRACT Hans Kelsen devotes his course to the presentation of the theory of international law. He seeks to answer the following questions: What is the nature of international law? Is it a right in the true sense of the word; that is to say, is it comparable to domestic law by being like it and to the same extent mandatory for the subjects submitted to it? Hans Kelsen thus examines how interna…
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