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Problems and Methods in Conflict of Laws (Volume 99)

(41,797 words)

Author(s): E. Cheatham, Elliott
E. Cheatham, Elliott Keywords: Common law | Conflict of laws | Mots clefs: Pays de Common law | Droit interrégional | ABSTRACT Elliott E. Cheatham begins his course with a presentation of the problems of conflict of laws. He examines the sources of rules of conflict of laws, and the relationship between federalism and conflict of laws. He then focuses on the analysis of the jurisdiction of the court of the forum, the question of foreign judgments, the protection of foreign-based legal interests, choice of law policie…

L’exception d’ordre public et la régularité substantielle internationale de la loi étrangère (Volume 371)

(52,566 words)

Author(s): de Vareilles-Sommières, Pascal
de Vareilles-Sommières, Pascal Keywords: Foreign law | Law of public order | Private international law | Conflict of laws | Mots clefs: ABSTRACT In private international law, the public policy exception is typically a mechanism of conflict of laws that prevents the relevant foreign law from being applied in a State. In this course, Pascal of Vareilles-Sommières addresses the question of whether the public policy exception concerns the notion of regularity of foreign law, and deals with the nature of regularity thus in…

Conflit de lois et droit uniforme dans le droit international privé contemporain : dilemme ou convergence? Conférence inaugurale, session de droit international privé, 2012 (Volume 359)

(31,444 words)

Author(s): Opertti Badán, Didier
Opertti Badán, Didier Keywords: Conflict of laws | Private international law | Unification of law | Mots clefs: ABSTRACT Didier Opertti Badán presented this course on the conflict of laws and uniform law in contemporary private international law at the 2012 inaugural conference. According to the author, the conflict of laws and jurisdictions are two autonomous legal categories that require a specific approach and respective technical solutions. He does so without denying the link that exists between them, which ca…

Transnational Commercial Law and Conflict of Laws : Institutional Co-operation and Substantive Complementarity Inaugural Lecture, Private International Law Session, 2013 (Volume 369)

(9,818 words)

Author(s): Kronke, Herbert
Kronke, Herbert Keywords: International commercial law | Conflict of laws | Private international law | Unification of law | Mots clefs: ABSTRACT In this course, the author first briefly describes the situation before the advent of transnational commercial law and highlights the 1929 Warsaw Convention, which dealt with “certain rules” relating to the carriage of goods by air and other rules and conventions focusing on transport law. Next, he highlights the terminologies, lex mercatoria, used by Fritz Juenger in 1995 …
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