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(a.),ʿAwrat (p., t.) pudendum; woman.


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Author(s): Huart, Cl.
(p. “joyful”), the name ofthe favourite ( k̲h̲āṣṣekī) of the Ottoman Sulṭān Sulaimān I, the Legislator, better known in European historians by the name of Roxelana. She was a slave of Russian origin (“altra donna di nation Rossa, giovine non bella ma grassiada” in the report by Piero Bragadino [1526], Marini Sanuto, xli.), who was the mother of three sons, Sulṭān Selīm II, princes Murād and Muḥammad and one daughter, Mihrimāh Sulṭāne. She was anxious to secure the succession to the throne for her eldest son and is accused of having…


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Author(s): Babinger, Franz
, usually called Ḳod̲j̲a Miʿmār Sinān, the greatest architect of the Ottomans. Sinān came from Ḳaiṣarīya [q. v]. in Anatolia where he was born on the 9th Rad̲j̲ab 895 (April 15, 1589) the son of Christian Greeks. His father was later called ʿAbd al-Mennān but his real name is not known. His non-Turkish origin ( mühtedī) is beyond question and is never in dispute, either among his contemporaries or among all serious ¶ Turkish scholars. The young Sinān came into the Serai in Stambul with the levy of youths ( dews̲h̲irme, q. v.), became a Janissary, distingmshed himself in the campaigns…