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Anonymous, On Etruria (De Etruria) (706)

(38,953 words)

Author(s): Habinek, Thomas
This entry was prepared by Thomas Habinek and published on 1 April 2010. About this Historian Historian: Anonymous, On Etruria (De Etruria) Jacoby number: 706 Attested works: Defence against the Tyrrhenians: F1a F1b; The Tyrrhenian Speech: F2; uncertain: F3, F14b, F18c, F22a, F22a, F24b, F24c, F34, F35; On Etruria: F4a; F5; Origins: F9a, F10 - F13; Italic Cities: F14a; Theogony: F15; Histories: F16, F17a, F18a, F21, F23b, F31; Bibliotheka and possibly History: F17b; Ab urbe condita History of Rome: F17c; Natural History: F18b, F19b, F37a; On Geography: F19a, F24a, F37b; Antiquitates …

Anonymoi, De rebus Siculis (577)

(15,939 words)

Author(s): Luraghi, Nino
This entry was prepared by Nino Luraghi and published on 1 April 2014. About this Historian Historian: Anonymoi, De rebus Siculis Jacoby number: 577 Attested works: Historian's date: 4th century BC 4th century BC Historical focus: Place of origin: unknown   BNJ 577 F 1 Source: P. Oxy. 665 (ed. F. M. Heichelheim, ‘The Toronto Epitome of a Sicilian Historian’, SO 31 (1955), 88-95) Work mentioned: Source date: 4th century BC Source language: Greek Fragment subject: military history, ancient - Library of Congress Textual base: Jacoby POxy., 665//a [τῶ]ν ἐν ᾽Ομφά[κηι καὶ] / Κ̣ακύρωι ξέ…