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Abortion Counseling

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Author(s): Koschorke, Martin
1. Definition Abortion counseling is the counseling of women who contemplate or have decided upon having an abortion, with a view to making sure that they are aware of all the options and consequences. Some places insist that counseling must occur before an abortion is in fact performed. Social workers may offer advice on the possibilities of assistance or adoption, should the final decision be not to have the abortion. Physicians can give information on what precisely the procedure involves. Psyc…


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Author(s): Lee-Linke, Sung-Hee | Koschorke, Martin
1. Medical, Biblical, and Historical Survey 1.1. The term “abortion” refers to the intervention, usually in the first three months, in the process of the development of human life in a mother’s body, with the intention of ending the pregnancy prematurely. 1.2. Abortion, as far as we know, has been practiced in all ages and almost all places for different reasons. Over the centuries, the methods used, which vary across countries and cultures, have included physical force, medicine, and magic, applied both internally and externally. Modern medicine is concerned to avoid risk in pe…


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Author(s): Koschorke, Martin
1. Definition In a general sense partnership is a principle of communication and cooperation, or a structured relationship between individuals or organizations, that is based on a specific concept and that often unconsciously gives rise to a corresponding self-understanding, behavior, and experience. We find partnership in many areas of life, commonly speaking of partnership in treaties, contracts, trade, professions, tariff agreements, tennis, dancing, and conversation. Churches and cities are also spoken of as partners. 2. As a General Model of Relationship In the West the…