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Author(s): Patricia MUELLER-LIU
Onomatopoeia ( nǐshēngcí 擬聲詞 or xiàngshēngcí 象聲詞) are mimetic or “echoic” words (Chapman 1984:38) and expressions like hiss (in Mandarin 噓), snort ( háo 嚎), and bang ( pēng 砰) that are used to imitate the things or, more accurately, the sounds they refer to (Preminger and Brogan 1993:860). Classifications according to type of sound distinguish between the mimicry of human vocalizations, such as the ejections eek! and ow! ( āiyō 哎喲), bodily sounds like groan or grumble ( gūlūlū 咕嚕嚕) and the pitter-patter of running feet ( jījīgāgā 嘰嘰嘠嘠), sounds produced by animals, such as woof or bow-wow
Date: 2017-03-02