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Author(s): Gordon, Richard L. (Ilmmünster) | Wallraff, Martin (Bonn)
(the Roman sun god, Greek Ἥλιος/ Hḗlios). I. Graeco-Roman [German version] A. General summary Although S. is one of the few undisputed Indo-European deities of the pantheon (cf. Gallic sulis, Gothic sauil, Old High German sôl, Greek *σαέλιος/* sawélios = ἥλιος/ hḗlios; [1]), the public cult of the sun played only a subordinate role in Rome and the Greek world, until the time that political developments led to an affinity between S. and the concept of monarchy (ruler cult). Gordon, Richard L. (Ilmmünster) [German version] B. Roman Republic According to Varro, the cult of the 'Sun'…

Church History

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Author(s): Wallraff, Martin (Bonn)
[German version] A. Historical thinking in the Church The Christian  Church has always been conscious of history, even its own history, and even asserting a proprietary role, already reflected in the NT  canon (as in Luke's double work,  Acts of the Apostles, cf. [8]). History became a subject of theological reflection in the proofs of the apologists ( Apologia; cf. [6]). They faced the task of placing a new religion at the centre of debate in the context of religious culture where tradition was the nor…