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Author(s): Lohmann, Hans (Bochum)
[German version] (Κηφισιά; Kēphisiá). Attic mesogeia deme of the phyle Erechtheis, six (eight)   bouleutaí , modern Kifissia [1. 38]. Location of the Attic dodekapolis (Philochorus in Str. 9,1,20; FGrH B Fr. 94). Suburb of  Athens with abundant springs and forests, west of the  Pentelicon (Harpocr. s.v. Κηφισιεύς; Diog. Laert. 3,41; Synes. Epist. 272) with a villa of Herodes [16] Atticus (Gell. NA 1,2,2; 18,10,2; Philostr. VS 2,1,12) [2. 197 fig. 251-254]. His family used to be attributed with a Roman tomb on the Plateia Platanou [2. 197f. fig. 255-2…