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Space: Female Space: Arabian Peninsula

(6,666 words)

Author(s): Jocelyn Sage Mitchell | Sean Foley | Jessie Moritz | Vânia Carvalho Pinto
Introduction The place of women in the Arabian Peninsula has been “‘imagined’ rather than real. . . .  In this ‘imagining’, Gulf women were placed under the full custody of male relatives, their movements constrained, and their presence in the public sphere conceptualized as non-existent” (Sonbol 2012, 7). Taking this insight as a starting point, this entry highlights emerging research that challenges the imagined place of women in the Arabian Peninsula. Building on extensive recent fieldwork, th…

Health Education: Sub-Saharan Africa

(2,564 words)

Author(s): Filippi-Franz, Melissa
Health is not solely a biological phenomenon. Health reflects sociopolitical, environmental, and economic realities. The social context determines how health is experienced. It is becoming more apparent when forming health education programs that the community targeted becomes involved in the processes of planning, maintenance, and participation to ensure that local health needs are addressed in a productive manner. Health education programs usually target women due to women's role as caretakers…

Population and Health Sciences

(8,756 words)

Author(s): Sholkamy, Hania
Introduction Population and health sciences have shifted focus from reproduction, fertility, and the medicalization and systemization of populations to a political economy paradigm. The last decade has witnessed a radicalization of social sciences in general and the disciplines of population have followed suite. The overtly medicalized tenor that marked population and health till 1994 has given way since then to a concern with gender, youth, poverty and governance. These last ten years have culmi…

Law: Modern Family Law, 1800–Present: Southeast Asia

(7,004 words)

Author(s): Hooker, M. B.
Introduction Muslim family law in Southeast Asia is highly fragmented, from Burma to Thailand, from Singapore to Malaysia and from Indonesia to the Philippines. Of course there is a common reference to the Sharī‘a but the strength and depth of that reference has been conditioned by three variable factors. The first is the time at which Islam appeared and the nature of the receiving cultures. The late fourteenth century and the fifteenth–sixteenth centuries were the crucial period. By that time Is…