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Author(s): Landau, J.M. | Bencheneb, R. | And, Metin | Bruijn, J.T.P. de | Allworth, E. | Et al.
(a.), “scene”, increasingly employed as “theatre” (in the same sense as “Bühne” in German); frequently synonymous with tiyātrō (from the Italian). 1. In the Arab East. Primarily an artistic and literary phenomenon of the last two centuries, the Arab theatre has its roots in local performances of passion plays [see taʿziya ], marionette and shadow plays [see ḳaragöz ], mimicry and other popular farces, and was affected by the then contemporary (rather than the classical) foreign theatre as well. Although some popular open-air plays…


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Author(s): Bencheneb, R.
(in dialect Ḳsentīnī, in French Ksentini) Ras̲h̲īd , Algerian dramatist, comic actor and song-writer. Under his real name Ibn al-Ak̲h̲ḍar (pronounced Bel-Lak̲h̲ḍar) he was born on 11 November 1887 at Bouzarea (a surburb of Algiers). His father, a shoemaker, was a native of Constantine. As a child he attended a Ḳurʾānic school, where his ¶ progress was mediocre, and he learned French in the street. Some years later he was apprenticed to a cabinet-maker. In 1909 he married one of his cousins by whom he had two daughters, both dying in infancy. Having…


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Author(s): Bencheneb, R.
, ʿAbd al-Ḳādir b. ʿAbd Allah b. Muḥammad b. ʿAbd al-Karīm , Algerian teacher and scholar, born in 1266/1848 in Tlemcen and died in 1331/1913 in Algiers. Following the example of his father who had lived for a long time in Morocco where he had studied and taught, especially at al-Ḳarawiyyīn [ q.v.], before returning to his native city to practise there the duties of ḳāḍī , al-Mad̲j̲d̲j̲āwī travelled to this country at a very early age. At Tangier and later at Tetouan he undertook classical studies which he completed at Fās as a pupil of distinguished ʿulamāʾ , including…

Nūr al-Dīn

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Author(s): Bencheneb, R.
, ʿAbd al-Ḳādir , Algerian scholar and teacher, born at Biskra ca. 1892 and died in Algiers on 12 April 1987. Of modest origins, he attended the primary school in his home town and at 15 entered the Algiers medersa. Under the guidance of eminent teachers, in particular, ʿAbd al-Ḳādir al-Mad̲j̲d̲j̲āwī, ʿAbd al-Ḥalīm Ben Smāya, Muḥammad al-Saʿīd Ibn Zakrī and Muḥammad Ben Cheneb, he followed classical studies in Arabic and French and obtained the Diploma of Higher Studies. He completed his education by helping with the courses of well-known ʿulamāʾ such as ʿAlī A…