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Author(s): Baumann, Martin | Hezser, Catherine | Liss, Hanna | Schröter, Jens | Hauschild, Wolf-Dieter | Et al.
[German Version] I. Religious Studies In general usage, tradition (from Lat. transdare/ tradere, “hand on, transmit”) connotes retention and safeguarding, understood as a conservative handing down of mores, customs, norms, rules, and knowledge. The emphasis is on continuity with the past. Jan Assmann interprets tradition as an exemplary case of “cultural memory,” an enduring cultural construction of identity. In religions appeal to tradition is a prominent element justifying interpretations, practices, clai…


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Author(s): Achenbach, Reinhard | Lehnardt, Andreas | Liss, Hanna | Ochs, Peter
[German Version] I. Old Testament The noun tôrāh (הרָוֹתּ) is usually derived from the verb הרי/ yrh, “show,” hiphil “instruct.” In Israelite wisdom literature, it denotes ethical and religious instruction by parents (Prov 1:8; 4:1; 6:20; 31:26) or sages (Prov 13:14) as well as religious instruction by priests (Jer 18:18). As a term denoting the law (Law and legislation: II; LXX: νόμος/ nómos), it stands at the end of an ongoing theologization of the law in ancient Israel, following the Deuteronomic centralization of the cult (Josiah) and the establishment…


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Author(s): Liss, Hanna
Die hebräische Bibel (hebr. Tanakh) bildet mit dem in ihr enthaltenen Schöpfungsmythos zur Entstehung der Welt sowie ihrer Darstellung der Geschichte der Juden von den Anfängen bis zum babylonischen Exil ein bedeutendes Zeugnis altorientalischer Erzählkunst sowie religiöser und geschichtlicher Erfahrung. Insofern der Tanach vom besonderen und unverbrüchlichen Bund zwischen Gott und dem Volk Israel berichtet, ist er das religiöse und historische Fundament des Judentums. Dass er spätestens seit der En…


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Author(s): Liss, Hanna
The Hebrew Bible (Hebr. Tanakh) containing the creation myth about the origins of the world and the account of the history of the Jews from the beginning to the Babylonian exile is an important testimony of ancient Oriental narration as well as religious and historical experiences. Insofar as the Tanakh reports on the special and indissoluble covenant between God and the people of Israel, it is the religious and historical foundation of Judaism. Since the emergence of Christianity and Islam, …
Date: 2023-10-31