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Author(s): Stausberg, Michael
Ancient Iranian religion, widespread to this day. [German version] I. Definitions The term Zoroastrianism derives from the name Zoroaster (for dates and name forms cf. Zoroaster), who is considered as 'founder', 'prophet' and 'apostle' of this religion. Its members have also been using the term Zoroastrianism to refer to themselves since the British colonial period. Self-designations found in older (Avestan = Av., Middle-Persian = MP and New-Persian = NP) sources, by contrast, derive from the worship of the god Ahura Mazdā (Av.; MP


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Author(s): Stausberg, Michael
[German version] (Ζωροάστρης/ Zōroástēs, Avestan Zara θ uštra, Middle Persian


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Author(s): Stausberg, Michael
Stausberg, Michael [German version] A. Antiquity (CT) The reception history in the West of the figure of Zoroaster and of the religious traditions that trace themselves to it, the religion of Zarathustra, also known as Zoroastrianism or Mazdaism, begins with Greek reports [2; 6]. Early examples include Herodotus' description of the