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Frei, Hans Wilhelm

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Author(s): Hunsinger, George
[German Version] (Apr 29, 1922, Wrocław [Ger. Breslau], Poland – Sep 12, 1988, New Haven, CT), professor at Yale University, was the leading American expert on the theology of K. Barth and an outstanding interpreter of modern religious thought. In The Eclipse of Biblical Narrative (1974), his most important work, he argued that the modern understanding of biblical narratives as having a logically independent point of reference, whether understood as event, term or experience, is misleading. In The Identity of Jesus Christ ¶ (1974) Frei suggested that the Gospel narratives are …

Sacred and Profane

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Author(s): Paden, William E. | Milgrom, Jacob | Taeger, Jens-Wilhelm | Vroom, Henk M. | Hunsinger, George | Et al.
[German Version] I. Religious Studies While the sacred/profane duality has a long history, going back to the Romans, it was the emergence of an intercultural, anthropological perspective in the late 19th century that made it a significant descriptive category in comparative religious studies. In that context, the sacred/profane concept served to describe certain types of experience and behavior common to all human cultures. The anthropological interest in the sacred focused initially on early notions like taboo and mana, Oceanian terms that mean “forbidden”…