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Brooks, Phillips

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Author(s): Westermeyer, Paul
[German Version] (Dec 13, 1835, Boston, MA – Jan 23, 1893, Boston, MA), best known for his Christmas carol O Little Town of Bethlehem, was a popular preacher. He began his ministry at Trinity Church, Boston, in 1868, delivered the Lectures on Preaching at Yale Divinity School in 1877, and became bishop of Massachusetts in 1891. Brooks opposed slavery, but was not alert to inequities caused by the Industrial Revolution. Paul Westermeyer Bibliography A.V.G. Allen, Life and Letters of Phillips Brooks, 1900–1901 J.F. Woolverton, The Education of Phillips Brooks, 1995.

Church Choirs

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Author(s): Westermeyer, Paul
[German Version] are groups of singers, sometimes also including instrumental musicians, who lead the worshiping congregation in singing (III) or sing on their behalf pieces that are beyond the capabilities of the congregation. Choirs (I) date at least to the account in 1 Chr 15:16, where David is credited with commanding the Levites (Levi/Levites) to appoint singers and players from their tribe. The Levitical singers and musicians took part in the dedication of the temple of Solomon (2 Chr 5:12–14) and provided the music to accompany temple sacrifices. There were no choirs in the …

Church Music

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Author(s): Foley, Edward | Totzke, Irenäus | Ruff, Anthony William | Körndle, Franz | Westermeyer, Paul | Et al.
[German Version] I. Sources in Antiquity – II. Early Church – III. Eastern Churches – IV. Western Churches – V. Present – VI. Legal Issues – VII. Church Music Training I. Sources in Antiquity There is one lone musical reference (Gen 4:21) in the earliest OT strata, suggesting a minor role for music in Israel before c. 1200 bce. With the migration into Canaan, Israelite music-making flourished as exemplified by evidence of dirges (2 Sam 1:19–27), war songs (Num 21:14f.), victory songs (Exod 15:1–18, 20), magical incantations …

Church Concert/Sacred Concert,

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Author(s): Westermeyer, Paul
[German Version] a public musical performance in a church, usually by an ensemble and often from the musical repertoire stimulated by or growing out of the church's worship. Contributing external factors include: the physical space provided by churches, the development of concerts generally in the Renaissance, Zwingli's abolition of music from worship, which pushed it toward concerts, Calvin's restriction of instruments in worship, which propelled concerts before…

Mass, Music for the

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Author(s): Westermeyer, Paul
1. Origins “Mass” is one of the Western names for the central worship service of the church. Rooted in the Latin words of dismissal— Ite, missa est (lit. “Go, it is the dismissal” or “Go, you are dismissed”)—the Mass highlights the sending of the people into the world to be the body and blood of Christ, whom they receive in Word and at table. Fragmentary sources before Hippolytus (ca. 170-ca. 236) indicate that Christian worship revolved around the Word and the sacraments of baptism and the Lord’s Supper, or Eucharist. A daily evening celebration of the supper…