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La compétence universelle civile (Volume 372)

(46,446 words)

Author(s): Bucher, Andreas
Bucher, Andreas Keywords: International crimes | International criminal justice | Victims | Reparation for damage | Trials | Universal jurisdiction | Civil jurisdiction | Civil justice | Access to justice | Mots clefs: ABSTRACT This course begins with a reminder of the various existing attempts to invoke the responsibility of the perpetrators and accomplices of acts such as genocide, torture, mass disappearances, forced labor, and slavery before the courts. The growing awareness of the different actors to the respect of human rights in vulnerable countries is also addressed. The co…

The Doctrine of International Jurisdiction Revisited after Twenty Years (Volume 186)

(41,404 words)

Author(s): A. Mann, F.
A. Mann, F. Keywords: Universal jurisdiction | International law of procedure | Mots clefs: Compétence internationale | Droit international de procédure | ABSTRACT F.A. Mann, Honorary Professor at the University of Bonn, devotes his course to revisit the Doctrine of International Jurisdiction. After a study of legislative jurisdiction which he presents as an aspect of territorial sovereignty that suffers from exceptions, he focuses on the enforcement jurisdiction and on indirect enforcement jurisdiction. He then exami…

Theory and Practice of Adjudicatory Authority in Private International Law : A Comparative Study of the Doctrine, Policies and Practices of Common- and Civil-Law Systems General Course on Private International Law (1996) (Volume 295)

(158,937 words)

Author(s): Taylor von Mehren, Arthur
Taylor von Mehren, Arthur Keywords: Private international law | Judicial competence | Universal jurisdiction | Mots clefs: Droit international privé | Compétence judiciaire | Juridiction internationale | ABSTRACT Professor Arthur Taylor von Mehren, Professor at the University of Harvard, devotes his general course on private international law to the theory and practice of adjudicatory authority in private international law, by presenting a comparative study of the doctrines, policies and practices of common law and civil l…

La recevabilité des réclamations devant les juridictions internationales (Volume 41)

(46,743 words)

Author(s): C. Witenberg, J.
C. Witenberg, J. Keywords: Claims | Universal jurisdiction | Mots clefs: Réclamations | Juridiction internationale | ABSTRACT J.C.Witenberg begins his course on the Admissibility of Complaints in Presence of International Jurisdictions with a presentation of the sources and the definition and classification of the means of admissibility. The author then studies the condition of admissibility concerned with the parties to the dispute (the endorsement) and the conditions of admissibility of individual complaints. …

Le rôle de la justice internationale en droit international privé : conflit des lois (Volume 40)

(28,241 words)

Author(s): Niboyet, J.-P.
Niboyet, J.-P. Keywords: Private international law | Universal jurisdiction | Mots clefs: Droit international privé | Juridiction internationale | ABSTRACT The objective of J.-P. Niboyet’s course is to examine the role, that is, the role that international justice can play in conflict of laws. The author addresses two key issues. The first concerns the system for resolving conflicts of laws applied successively to the following subjects: the determination of the competent law, the qualification, and the effectivene…