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Schlier, Heinrich

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Author(s): Bendemann, Reinhard v.
[German Version] (Mar 31, 1900, Neuburg Dec 26, 1978, Bonn), received his doctorate in 1926 under R. Bultmann and his habilitation in Jena in 1928 under K.L. Schmidt, with a study of Ephesians. Having lost his venia legendi for political reasons in 1935, he taught at the seminary in Wuppertal. In 1945 he was appointed to a chair at Bonn; at his own request, he was retired in 1952 and taught in the philosophical faculty as an honorary professor, so that he could join the Roman Catholic Church in 1953, following in the footsteps of h…


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Author(s): Neu, Rainer | Janowski, Bernd | Bendemann, Reinhard v. | Volkmann, Stefan | Buß, Johanna
[German Version] I. Religious Studies Retribution – recompense of good with good and evil with evil, in religion as reward (Payment) or punishment for human conduct, imposed in this life or the next by God or fate – is an aspect of reciprocity, the principle of quid pro quo (Merit). Richard Thurnwald was the first to point out the significance of reciprocity for social action and worldview in ethnic societies. It goes beyond reciprocating with a gift or assistance, or exchanging daughters between exogamous groups; the moral, legal, and religi…