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Hase, Cornelius de

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Author(s): vom Orde, Klaus
[German Version] (Nov 13, 1653, Frankfurt am Main – May 16, 1717, Bremen), Reformed theologian. Hase studied under J. Cocceius and T. Undereyck. The latter, with whom he lived in Kassel, arranged a junior appointment as Frühprediger with the Martinikirche in Bremen in 1676. In 1679 he became the assistant; in 1683 he was also appointed professor of ¶ theology at the Bremen gymnasium, where he served several terms as rector. In 1685 he received his doctorate in theology from Groningen. In 1693 he was appointed chief pastor of the Martinikirche and in 170…

Fresenius, Johann Philipp

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Author(s): vom Orde, Klaus
[German Version] (Oct 22, 1705, Niederwiesen near Kreuznach – Jul 4, 1761, Frankfurt am Main), became pastor in Niederwiesen in 1727; fled when under threat of imprisonment because of an anti-Catholic essay (“Antiweislingerus”) in 1731; became village preacher in Giessen in 1734; developed a friendship with J.J. Rambach; became court deacon in Darmstadt in 1736, where he established the institution for proselytes; became village preacher and assistant professor in Giessen in 1742; became pastor in…

Hasenkamp, Johann Gerhard

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Author(s): vom Orde, Klaus
[German Version] (Jul 12, 1736, Wechte – Jun 27, 1777, Duisburg), in his youth contacts with members of the revival movement (Revival/Revival movements) from the Ravensberger Land. After studying at the Calvinist College in Lingen, he wrote a number of works that earned him charges of Socinian heterodoxy and of rejecting the church's doctrine of atonement, charges which, despite the publication of an explanation, he was not able to deflect. Prompted by mystical experiences, he attempted to convert…

Hardt, Hermann von der

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Author(s): vom Orde, Klaus
[German Version] (Nov 15, 1660, Melle – Feb 28, 1746, Helmstedt), became assistant professor and member of the Pietist Collegium Philobiblicum in Leipzig in 1687 and studied in Dresden with P.J. Spener, who regarded him as his closest confidant among the young Pietists. In the fall of 1687, together with A.H. Francke, he began further exegetical studies with C.H. Sandhagen in Lüneburg. He became secretary to Duke Rudolph August of Braunschweig in 1688 and became entangled in the beginning Pietist …


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Author(s): vom Orde, Klaus | Oswalt, Julia
[German Version] I. City and Metropolitan See – II. Theological Academy I. City and Metropolitan See According to legend, Kiev (Ukrainian: Kyiv) was founded by the brothers Kij, Šček, and Choriv on the west bank of the river Dnieper ( Dnepr). Owing to its favorable location on the trade route “from the Varagians to the Greeks,” Kiev developed into a political center of the ¶ medieval Rus', which was characterized by the integration of Slavic and Scandinavian elements. Kiev owed its growing prosperity above all to its economic-political and church-cultural r…