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Author(s): Goulet-Cazé, Marie-Odile (Antony)
[German version] (Σφοδρίας; Sphodrías). Cynic philosopher, author of a Téchnē erōtikḗ ('art of love') mentioned in Ath. 4,162b-c. The otherwise unknown author is mentioned l.c. along with Archestratus [2] of Gela, the author of a Gastrología ('treatise about the care of the stomach') and with Protagorides, who is attributed with Akroáseis erōtikaí ('lectures about love'), as well as with Zeno's student Persaeus who wrote Sympotikoí diálogoi ('conversations with dinner guests'). Goulet-Cazé, Marie-Odile (Antony)


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Author(s): Hölkeskamp, Karl-Joachim (Cologne) | Schottky, Martin (Pretzfeld) | Goulet-Cazé, Marie-Odile (Antony)
(Δημῶναξ; Dēmônax or Δαμῶναξ; Damônax). [German version] [1] D. of Mantinea Arbitrator in Cyrene about 550 BC Respected aristocrat who was appointed as ‘arbitrator’ (καταρτιστήρ; katartistḗr) in  Cyrene about 550 BC on the advice of the Delphic Oracle (Hdt. 4,161). To resolve the internal conflicts, D. reformed the three phylai in which he redistributed the different groups of colonists and immigrants, the Theraeans and Perioeci, Peloponnesians and Cretans, ‘Nesiotai’, i.e. people from the (Ionian?) islands [1]. D. restricted the royal power o…
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