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King, Martin Luther Jr.

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Author(s): Grosse, Heinrich
[German Version] (Jan 15, 1929, Atlanta, GA – Apr 4, 1968, Memphis, TN). The Afro-American Baptist theologian Martin Luther King Jr. was the most prominent representative of the American civil rights movement. Following his ordination (1948) and theological studies, in 1954 he became a pastor in Montgomery, AL, where he became the spokesman of the non-violent protest movement against racial discrimination (Racism) in buses (1955/1956). From 1955 to 1965 he campaigned for racial integration in the southern United States. He was assistant pastor in Atlanta from 1960 onward, wrote the L…

Church Membership

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Author(s): Plathow, Michael | Thon, Nikolaus | Geldbach, Erich | Grosse, Heinrich | Engelhardt, Hanns
1. Protestant and Roman Cathlic Church membership and adherence are related to the theological and institutional understanding of the church. Church membership has both spiritual and legal dimensions. 1.1. ¶ On the Protestant view, the church is the communion of saints instituted by the Holy Spirit. Church membership, then, is essentially being part of the communion of saints. It begins with the work of the Holy Spirit, who brings one into this fellowship through the preaching of the gospel. Baptism is incorporation into the…