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Author(s): Lorenz, Günther | Clark, Stephen R.L. | Meisinger, Hubert
[German Version] I. History of Religion – II. Philosophy of Religion – III. Dogmatics I. History of Religion Lat. emanatio, “outflow,” translation of Gk ἀπορροή/ἀπόρροια ( apórrhoḗ/apórrhoia), a keyword and figure of thought in the doctrinal structure of Gnosis/Gnosticism (in Irenaeus's Lat. trans. emissio: Haer. II 13.1–14.1 etc.). ¶ Probably inspired by Platonic thought, in the 3rd to 1st century bce Wis 7:25 calls wisdom an “emanation of the glory of the Almighty.” The image of the water that flows out of a spring …


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Author(s): Lorenz, Günther | Görg, Manfred | Avemarie, Friedrich | Riedel-Spangenberger, Ilona | Bader, Günter
[German Version] I. Religious Studies Voluntary promises to do something, either materially or ideally, in order to obtain the support of a divinity or …


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Author(s): Lorenz, Günther | Albani, Matthias | Baudy, Dorothea | Iwersen, Julia
[German Version] I. Religious Studies – II. Ancient Near East and Old Testament – III. Greco-Roman Antiquity – IV. The Milieu of Modern Alternative Religions I. Religious Studies An omen (Lat. omen, related semantically to prodigium