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Author(s): Astley, Ian | Mürmel, Heinz | Sagaster, Klaus | Baumann, Martin | Yaldiz, Marianne | Et al.
[German Version] I. History of Religion – II. Missiology I. History of Religion 1. The Buddha and his Teaching. Although the biographical dates of the historical Buddha are uncertain, scholars generally put them at 563–483 bce. The Buddha understood his own teaching as a path to redemption, i.e., to liberation from the wretched cycle of rebirths. This teaching (Dharma) is often expressed in a medical…


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Author(s): Astley, Ian | Yaldiz, Marianne
[German Version] I. The Historical Buddha – II. Systematics – III. Buddha and Bodhisattvas in Art I. The Historical Buddha Buddha, “the enlightened one”; family name Gautama, given name Siddhārtha. The designation “Śākyamuni” means “wise one of the Śākya tribe”; other designations include the address “Bhagavat” (“lord”) and the self-designation “Tathāgata.” Although it is p…