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Author(s): Cobet, Justus (Essen) | Pelling, C. B. R. (Oxford) | Baltes, Matthias (Münster) | Olshausen, Eckart (Stuttgart) | Harmon, Roger (Basle) | Et al.
(Πλούταρχος/ Ploútarchos). [German version] [1] Tyrant of Eretria, 4th cent. BC Tyrant of Eretria [1]. As the guest-friend of Meidias [2], the rich opponent of Demosthenes (Dem. Or. 21,110; 21,200), he turned to Athens for help in 349 BC when the …


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Author(s): Pelling, C. B. R. (Oxford)
(Σώκλαρος; Sṓklaros). [German version] [1] Son of Plutarchus [2] of Chaeronea A son of Plutarchus of Chaeronea (not necessarily the eldest, perhaps named after Plutarch's friend(s) S. [2] and [3]) who was reaching adolescence at the time when his father wrote How a young man should listen to poets (Plut. Mor. 15a). [1] assumed that he died young, as he is not mentioned again and Plutarch dedicated On the Generation of the Soul in Timaeus to his brothers Autobulus and Plutarchus, not to Soclarus; he assumed that Plutarch alludes to the loss in the Consolation to his Wife (Mor. 609a). The sil…