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Author(s): Schoberth, Ingrid | Mell, Ulrich | Wingate, Andrew
[German Version] I. Concept – II. New Testament – III. Practical Theology I. Concept The term “apostasy” – like faith a specific of the Judeo-Christian tradition – is rarely used today, although it has greater significance in Catholic sacramental practice and communion (Excommunication). Apostasy indicates the departure from the teaching and life of the faith community; heresy refers to the rejection of binding doctrine without renouncing the faith entirely. Idolatry, historically the veneration of other gods, can also refer to secular forms of de facto adherence. While these t…


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Author(s): Schoberth, Ingrid | Daiber, Karl-Fritz
[German Version] I. Social History, Sociology, Social Ethics – II. Practical Theology I. Social History, Sociology, Social Ethics The concept of home (or home country, Ger. Heimat) stirs ambivalent emotions: Heimat stands for…


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Author(s): Schoberth, Ingrid
[German Version] Patriarchalism, related to patriarchy, denotes the claim that men are fundamentally superior and should take the lead in family and society. It justifies the domination of women by men but also implies that the father or husband plays a protective role. The “patriarch” claims to be looking after the interests of his inferiors or women, albeit without considering their own wishes and preferences. Patriarchalism manifests itself as an ideology legitimating male domination of women, …


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Author(s): Wiegers, Gerard A. | Herms, Eilert | Schoberth, Ingrid | Nipkow, Karl Ernst
[German Version] I. Religious Studies – II. Systematic Theology I. Religious Studies Doctrine is an oral or written system of traditions regarding the content of faith (Dogma, Revelation, Truth) and the implementations of faith (Rite and ritual). A doctrine assumes a community that defines …

Catechesis and Catechetics

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Author(s): Bienert, Wolfgang A. | Fraas, Hans-Jürgen | Schoberth, Ingrid | Schweitzer, Friedrich | Phan, Peter
[German Version] I. History – II. Practical Theology – III. Latin America, Asia, Africa …