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Synagogue Architecture

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Author(s): Sed-Rajna, Gabrielle
[German Version] The emergence of the synagogue as an institution and structure was the result of a long process of transformation within Judaism. After the destruction of the Jerusalem temple (II, 4) in 70 …


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Author(s): Sed-Rajna, Gabrielle
[German Version] I. Jewish Catacombs – II. Christian Catacombs I. Jewish Catacombs 1. In the Second Temple period, Jerusalem was surrounded by an important necropolis composed of both monumental tombs with decorated facades and simple graves; most of them lay to the east, south and north of the city, in the Qidro…


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Author(s): Sed-Rajna, Gabrielle
[German Version] The seven-branched candelabrum (Candlestick/Candelabrum: I) including base, shaft, and branches with cups and lamps belonged to the furnishings of the tabernacle and was made of pure gold ¶ (Exod 25:31–40; 37:17–24); it was set up in the temple (II, 4.b) of Solomon in Jerusalem, along with ten copper candlesticks (1 Kgs 7:49), and in addition to the one set up by Moses (


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Author(s): Leriche, Pierre | Sed-Rajna, Gabrielle | Rutgers, Leonard V.
[German Version] I. History of Religions – II. Jewish Community – III. Christian Community I. History of Religions The site of ruins (discovered in 1921) situated in southeastern Syria on the right bank of the upper Euphrates near modern As-Salihiya was founded (“Europos”) before 280 bce by Seleukos I Nicator (Seleucids). From 113 bce until its conquest by the Romans in 165 ce, the city was under Parthian dominion (“Dura” = fortification). After its destruction by the Sassanides in 256 and as a result of the alteration in the course of the Euphrates, Dura-Europos became desolate.…

Symbols/Symbol Theory

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Author(s): Berner, Ulrich | Cancik-Lindemaier, Hildegard | Recki, Birgit | Schlenke, Dorothee | Biehl, Peter | Et al.
[German Version] I. Religious Studies Use of the Greek…

Art and Religion

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Author(s): Krech, Volkhard | Lentes, Thomas | Sed-Rajna, Gabrielle | Imorde, Joseph | Ganz, David | Et al.
[German Version] I. Religious Studies, Systematics – II. Academic Research Disciplines – III. History – IV. Christian Theology I. Religious Studies, Systematics 1. Methodology. In de…