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Author(s): Matthias, Markus
1. Concept Conversion (Lat. conversio; “turn-around” ) or the symbol of new birth or rebirth, which represents the same experience, is a universal religious phenomenon. People view conversion as an act by which they enter into a fundamental and comprehensive change in their religious or quasi-religious (e.g. ideological or artistic) orientation.Markus Matthias2. TypesConversion may mean:(1) a change of direction towards new religious or moral values, or a return to familiar ones which have been abandoned in the course of one's life, as demanded fr…
Date: 2019-10-14

God, concepts of

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Author(s): Matthias, Markus
1. Christianity 1.1. Concept, representation, and symbolBecause the word  God must be understood as a symbol (Paul Tillich) [10], not as a (referential) sign, this symbol finds expression in concepts and images of God: whether in the form of individual or collective ascription of attributes or actions (see 1.2. below) or in the form of normative (ecclesiastical or academic) reflections on the idea of God between the Bible and metaphysics (see 1.3. below). Apart from language, these images of God find expression…
Date: 2019-10-14


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Author(s): Matthias, Markus | Fischer, Michael
1. DefinitionA hymnal is a printed collection of liturgical songs (Hymn [church anthem]), with or without notation of the melody and/or setting. The term dates back to the 16th century and came into widespread use in the 18th century.  The hymnal shared the full range of publication possibilities with the new technology of printing. This affected both its external (production, facilities, distribution, circulation, dissemination, serial publication) and internal (selections, commentaries, functional design) design, as well as its actual usage.Markus Matthias2. Protestant 2…
Date: 2019-10-14