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Author(s): Meier, Mischa (Bielefeld) | Engels, Johannes (Cologne) | Pressler, Frank (Heidelberg) | Selzer, Christoph (Frankfurt/Main) | Cassin, Barbara (Paris)
(Ἀντιφῶν; Antiphôn). [German version] [1] Athenian (end of the 5th cent. BC) Athenian, who towards the end of the Peloponnesian War equipped two triremes. He was executed 404/403 BC by the 30 Tyrants ( Triakonta) (Xen. Hell. 2,3,40; Traill PAA, 138325). He is probably identical with an A., for whose daughter  Lysias gave an oration (Traill PAA, 138320; cf. Theop. FGrH 115 F 120 = Plut. Mor. 833A-B). Meier, Mischa (Bielefeld) [German version] [2] Athenian (middle of the 4th cent. BC) Athenian, was removed from the list of citizens. Thereafter he allegedly promised  Philippu…

Anonymus Iamblichi

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Author(s): Cassin, Barbara (Paris)
[German version]  Iamblichus' Protrepticus contains several excerpts from works by earlier authors. One of these excerpts is approximately ten pages long and praises law, justice, and obedience to law (εὐνομία; eunomía) as the only way that power and community can be maintained. F. Blass isolated this excerpt and attributed it to Antiphon ([4] = 89 DK; [1]). His claim, however, is not quite persuasive, neither are later suggestions of authorship (Antisthenes, Protagoras, Theramenes, Hippias). At times, a connection has been …

Dissoi logoi

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Author(s): Cassin, Barbara (Paris)
[German version] (Δισσοὶ λόγοι; dissoì lógoi), i.e. ‘double argument’, a title taken from the opening words of an anonymous treatise appended to the manuscripts of Sextus Empiricus and written in the Dorian dialect probably at the beginning of the 4th cent. BC, in any case after the end of the Peloponnesian War in 404 BC. The basic structure is the systematic opposition of arguments for and against a number of apparent opposites: good and evil, beauty and ugliness, just and unjust, true and false. Th…


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Author(s): Schmitz, Winfried (Bielefeld) | Karttunen, Klaus (Helsinki) | Cassin, Barbara (Paris) | Nutton, Vivian (London)
(Εὐθύδημος; Euthýdemos). [German version] [1] Athenian strategos 418/7 BC Athenian strategos of 418/17 BC. He took part in the Sicilian campaign, during which in 414/13 both he and Menander became commanders to serve alongside Nicias. They were defeated before  Demosthenes [1] even arrived. They failed in their attempt to force their departure out of Syracuse's great harbour (Thuc. 7,16,1; 69,4; Diod. Sic. 13,13,2-4; Plut. Nicias 20). Schmitz, Winfried (Bielefeld) Bibliography D. Kagan, The Peace of Nicias and the Sicilian Expedition, 1981. [German version] [2] E. I. Greek ki…