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Congregational Christian Churches

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Author(s): Noll, Mark A.
[German Version] When Congregationalists merged with the Evangelical and Reformed Church to form a new denomination, the United Church of Christ, in 1957, they were the major representatives in the USA of historic Anglo-American Congregationalism. These churches were descendents of separatist movements that had begun among English Protestants during the 2nd half of the 16th century. A pamphlet published in 1582 by R. Browne, A Treatise of Reformation without Tarrying for Any, proclaimed principles that would define the movement: Christ is the sole head of th…

Tindley, Charles Albert

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Author(s): Noll, Mark A.
[German Version] ( Jul 7, 1856, Berlin, MD – Jul 29, 1933, Philadelphia, PA), prominent preacher and author of gospel hymns (Gospel music), was born to former slave parents and began early to prepare for the Methodist ministry. In 1900 he became the pastor of Bainbridge Street Methodist Church in Philadelphia, which soon became a center of the city’s black religious life. In 1901 Tindley began publishing “Songs of Paradise,” gospel hymns marked by clear melodies, simply harmony, and the chorus-ref…

Brébeuf, Jean de (Saint)

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Author(s): Noll, Mark A.
[German Version] (Mar 25, 1593, Condé-sur-Vire, France – Mar 16, 1649, Saint-Ignace, New France, Canada), Jesuit missionary. Brébeuf came to New France in 1625 and almost immediately attempted to evangelize among the Huron Indians. At this time the Huron society was profoundly shaken by disease, contact with Europeans, and warfare with Iroquoian native America…

Bourget, Ignace

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Author(s): Noll, Mark A.
[German Version] (Oct 30, 1799, Saint-Joseph, Canada – Jun 8, 1885, Sault-au-Récollet, Quebec), second Roman Catholic bishop of Montreal. When Bourget became bishop of Montreal in 1840, he had already established himself as an active diocesan administrator, tireless recruiter of nuns, brothers, and priests from Europe. As bishop he founded institutes of charit…

Slessor, Mary

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Author(s): Noll, Mark A.
[German Version] (Dec 2, 1848, Aberdeen, Scotland – Jan 13, 1915, Use, Nigeria), pioneer Scottish missionary to West Africa. Born into a working-class family, from an early age she participated in church work and youth outreach. After petitioning mission agencies, she was finally appointed a teacher to Calabar, Nigeria, by the United Presbyterian Church Mission Committee. In 1888 she was dispatched to live among the Okoyong, where she went barefoot, dressed in nearly native garb, and maintained a …

Society for Ethical Culture

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Author(s): Noll, Mark A.
[German Version] was founded in New York in 1876 by F. Adler. Raised a Reform Jew (Reform Judaism), Adler came to reject traditional notions of monotheism, though he continued to look at the Hebrew Scriptures and the person of Jesus for inspiration. Adhering to the slogan, “deed not creed,” Adler encouraged the efforts of individuals rather than formal institutions and ritualized traditions. The Society for Ethical Culture with its regular Sunday services and Adler’s humanistic addresses became th…

Spencer, Herbert

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Author(s): Noll, Mark A.
[German Version] (Apr 27, 1820, Derby, England – Dec 8, 1903, Brighton, England), social scientist and popular writer, worked as a railway engineer and political journalist. His System of Synthetic Philosophy (1862–1896) established his reputation as a comprehensive thinker about society, education, ethics, and politics. To each of these domains he applied general evolutionary ideas. Evolution also explained the history of religions, which mirrored the social systems in which they existed, reinforced the practices of existin…

North America, Theology in

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Author(s): Noll, Mark A.
[German Version] Nowhere has America’s status as an intellectual colony of Europe been more evident than in its formal Christian theology. With only a few exceptions, Roman Catholic theologians in America have been mostly content to follow the guidance of Europeans. American promotion of Neo-Thomism from roughly 1870 to 1960 is the most important example of that dependence. Much the same situation has prevailed among the Orthodox, with the major difference that European influence has taken the sha…

Plymouth Colony

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Author(s): Noll, Mark A.
[German Version] was a settlement of English Puritans in the southeast corner of Massachusetts. Under the leadership of pastor J. Robinson, English separates migrated first in 1603 from Scrooby, Nottinghamshire, to Holland. Despite freedom found there, they soon became worried about the education of their children. In September 1620, 41 settlers boarded the ship Mayflower, along with 61 others, for Virginia. Blown off course to the north, they landed on Cape Cod in November. Before disembarking, t…

Consultation on Church Union

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Author(s): Noll, Mark A.
[German Version] The Consultation on Church Union emerged from a proposal in December 1960 by the American Presbyterian Eugene Carson Blake for an organic union of churches “truly catholic, truly evangelical, and truly reformed.” The Consultation was established in 1962 by representatives of four mainline Protestant denominations. After mergers and the addition of new bodies, nine churches have continued as full members: African Methodist Episcopal Church, Afric…

Rockefeller, John Davison Sr.

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Author(s): Noll, Mark A.
[German Version] (Jul 8, 1839, Richford, NY – May 23, 1937, Ormond Beach, FL), business magnate and philanthropist, established himself by the 1870s as a leader for the new oil industry. His Standard Oil Company became the source of great personal wealth. Through his mother, Eliza Davison, Rockefeller received a strong Baptist upbringing. Throughout his life he contributed regularly to many churches and voluntary societies. Although leaders of the Social Gospel like W. Gladden urged church groups …

Jefferson, Thomas

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Author(s): Noll, Mark A.
[German Version] (Apr 13, 1743, Albemarle County, VA – Jul 4, 1826, Monticello, VA), was the third president of the United States and played an important role in American religious history. He was the author of Virginia's landmark “Statute for Freedom of Religion” of 1786, which set the pattern that the whole United States would follow in guaranteeing nearly complete religious liberty. Jefferson's beliefs became the subject of political controversy when his opponents in the presidential campaign o…


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Author(s): Noll, Mark A.
[English Version] Seton, Elizabeth Ann Bailey (28.8.1774 New York – 4.1.1821 Emmitsburg, MD), Ordensgründerin. S. kam während einer Italienreise 1803 mit der röm.-kath. Kirche in Kontakt. Nach Tod ihres Mannes und Rückkehr in die USA 1804 trat sie am 14.3.1805 in die kath. Kirche ein. 1808 zog sie nach Maryland, eröffnete eine Mädchenschule und trat den Sisters of Charity of Saint Joseph bei, deren erste amer. Oberin sie wurde. 1863 gab es bereits 11 000 Sisters of Charity in den USA. 1975 wurde sie als erste in den USA geborene amer. Staatsbürgerin heiliggesprochen. Mark A. Noll Biblio…


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Author(s): Noll, Mark A.
[English Version] Otterbein, Philipp Wilhelm (2.6.1726 Dillenburg, Preußen – 17.11.1813 Baltimore, MD, USA), dt. ref. Theologe und Mitbegründer der Kirche der Vereinigten Brüder in den USA. O. ging 1752 auf Einladung des ref. Pietisten Michael Schlatter (1718–1790) in die USA. O. hatte die calvinistische und pietistische Lehre an der Ref. Universität von Herborn (Reformierte Hohe Schulen in Deutschland) studiert. In Amerika engagierte er sich mit der Organisation von Gebetsversammlungen, rekrutierte…


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Author(s): Noll, Mark A.
[English Version] Rowland(s), Daniel (1713 Pantybeudy, Wales – 16.10.1790 Llangeitho, ebd.), Erweckungsprediger. 1735 als Priester der walisischen Kirche ordiniert, konvertierte aber 1736 unter Einfluß von Griffith Jones aus Llanddowror. R.s Predigten als Hilfspfarrer von Llangeitho zogen sofort große Massen an. Ab 1737 gründete er örtliche Gemeinschaften nach Vorbild des Methodismus. In Verbindung mit H. Harris bereitete R. den Boden für die Welsh Calvinistic Methodist Connexion des 19.Jh. Mark A. Noll Bibliography E. Evans, D. R. and the Great Evangelical Awake…


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Author(s): Noll, Mark A.
[English Version] Stiles, Ezra (29.11.1727 North Haven, CT – 12.5.1795 New Haven, CT), kongregationalistischer Pfarrer und College Präsident, von 1755 an Pfarrer der Second Congregational Church in Newport, RI. Gegner des Sklavenhandels, beschäftigte sich mit einer Vielzahl naturwiss. und lit. Projekte. 1778 Präsident von Yale. Lebenslanger Einsatz für die Freiheit, Widerstand gegen Pläne, einen anglik. Bischof in Kolonien zu entsenden. Sagte den unabhängigen Vereinigten Staaten eine große Zukunft vorher. Mark A. Noll Bibliography E.S. Morgan, The Gentle Puritan. A …

Union Theological Seminary

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Author(s): Noll, Mark A.
[English Version] (UTS), Amerikas erstes interkonfessionelles theol. Seminar, wurde 1836 von »New School«- Presbyterianern gegründet. Von 1870–1892 diente es der Northern Presbyterian Church, wurde jedoch wieder unabhängig, als Ch.A. Briggs, Prof. für bibl. Wiss., von der Glaubensgemeinschaft ausgeschlossen wurde, weil er kritischere Betrachtungen der Bibel unterstützte. Namhafte Dozenten im 19.Jh. waren u.a. der Theologe Henry Boynton Smith und Ph. Schaff. Bis ins 20.Jh. hinein bestanden enge Ver…


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Author(s): Noll, Mark A.
[English Version] Scougal, Henry (Juni 1650 Leuchars, Schottland – 13.6.1678 Aberdeen, ebd.), seit 1673 Prof. der Theol. am King's College, Aberdeen. S. vf. »The Life of God in the Soul of Man or the Nature and Excellency of the Christian Religion« (1677), die die Notwendigkeit einer »wahren Christlichkeit« im Gegensatz zu kirchl. Formalismus betont. S. übte auf die Gebrüder Ch. und J. Wesley und andere führende Persönlichkeiten der evangelikalen Bewegung des 18.Jh. großen Einfluß aus. Mark A. Noll Bibliography The Works of the Rev. H.S., 1818 D. Butler, H.S. and the Oxford Met…


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Author(s): Noll, Mark A.
[English Version] Reconstructionism, christlich. R., auch als Theonomie oder Herrschaftstheol. bekannt, entstand in den frühen 70er Jahren innerhalb konservativer Kreise des amer. Presbyterianismus (Presbyterianer). Die Grundsätze wurden erstmals 1973 von Rousas John Rushdoony (1916–2001) in den »Institutes of Biblical Law« publiziert. Weitere Führungsgestalten waren Greg L. Bahnsen (1948–1995), der 1977 »Theonomy in Christian Ethics« veröff., und Gary North, Gründer des Institute for Christian Eco…


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Author(s): Noll, Mark A.
[English Version] Slessor,  Mary (2.12.1848 Aberdeen, Schottland – 13.1.1915 Use, Nigeria), schottische Wegbereiterin der Mission in Westafrika. Aus der Arbeiterschicht stammend, nahm sie seit frühester Jugend an der Kirchen- und Jugendarbeit teil. Nach mehrjährigen Bemühungen wurde ihr schließlich vom United Presbyterian Church Mission Commitee eine Stelle als Lehrerin in Calabar, Nigeria, zugewiesen. 1888 wurde sie zu den Okoyong geschickt, wo sie barfuß ging, in nahezu einheimische Tracht geklei…
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