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Author(s): Stoevesandt, Magdalene (Basle)
[German version] (Καστιάνειρα; Kastiáneira). Legitimate concubine of  Priamus, mother of Gorgythion who was killed by Teucer (Hom. Il. 8,302ff.). She is from Aesyme in Thrace: Priamus' marriage policy creates a widespread network of relationships to diverse coalition partners. Stoevesandt, Magdalene (Basle) …


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Author(s): Stoevesandt, Magdalene (Basle)
(Ἶλος; Îlos). [German version] [1] Founder of Troy Heros eponymos and founder of Ilios/Ilium ( Troy); son of  Tros, father of  Laomedon (Hom. Il. 20,231ff.;  Dardanidae). His tomb is mentioned in the Iliad (11,166 et passim) as a fixed topographical point in the plain of Troy. The fullest account of the foundation legend is offe…


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Author(s): Stoevesandt, Magdalene (Basle) | Benz, Lore (Kiel)
[German version] [1] Son of Priamus and Hecabe, abductor of Helena (Πάρις; Páris). Son of the Trojan ruling couple Priamus and Hecabe, abductor of Helena [1]. Also called Aléxandros; how the names came to be used parallel to each other is uncertain, as is the relationship between Aléxandros and the vassal king Alaksandu


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Author(s): Stoevesandt, Magdalene (Basle)
(Τρώς; Trṓs). [German version] [1] Eponymous king of the Trojans Eponymous king of the Trojans; grandson of Dardanus [1], great-grandfather o…


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Author(s): Stoevesandt, Magdalene (Basle) | Mehl, Andreas (Halle/Saale)
(Ἱππόλοχος; Hippólochos). [German version] [1] Son of Bellerophontes Son of  Bellerophontes, father of the Lycian Prince  Glaucus [4] (Hom. Il. 6,206 et passim). Stoevesandt, Magdalene (Basle) [German version] [2] Trojan Trojan, falls into Agamemnon's hands alongside his brother  Peisander. Agamemnon harshly rejects the ransom for the brothers by pointing to their father  Antimachus' [1] guilt and kills them both (Hom. Il. 11,122-148). Stoevesandt, Magdalene (Basle) Bibliography P. Wathelet, Dictionnaire des Troyens de l'Iliade, 1988, no. 173f. [German version] [3] Thessalian, officer, went over to Antiochus [5] III in the 4th Syrian War in 218 BC In 218 BC during the fourth Syrian War, the Thessalian H. went over to  Antiochus [5] III with 400 cavalrymen, defended the area of Samaria with 5,000 infantrymen, and, in 217, commanded c. 5,000 Greek mercenaries in the battle of Raphia (Pol. 5,70,11; 71,11; 79,9). Mehl, Andreas (Halle/Saale) Bibliography …


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Author(s): Stoevesandt, Magdalene (Basle)
[German version] (Πάνθοος/ Pánthoos, Πάνθους/ Pánthous). Member of the Trojan Council of Elders (Hom. Il. 3,146); son of Othrys (Verg. Aen. 2,319), husband of Phrontis (Hom. Il. 17,40), father of Polydamas [1], Euphorbus and Hyperenor (Hom. Il. 13,756; 16,808; 17,23f.). In Virgil, he is a priest of Apollo who hands Troy's Penates to Aeneas [1] and is killed …


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Author(s): Stoevesandt, Magdalene (Basle)
[German version] (Καλήσιος;


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Author(s): Stoevesandt, Magdalene (Basle)
[German version] (Πείροος, -ως; Peíroos, - ōs). Son of Imbrasus from Aenus [1], together with Acamas leader of the Thracian treaty partner…


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Author(s): Stoevesandt, Magdalene (Basle)
(Λάμπος/ Lámpos, also Λάμπων/ Lámpōn). [German version] [1] Brother of Priam Son of Laomedon, brother of Priamus; member of the Trojan council of elders; father of Dolops who was ki…


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Author(s): Stoevesandt, Magdalene (Basle)
[German version] (Πρίαμος/ Príamos, Lat. Priamus). Last king of Troy, son of Laomedon [1]; frequently called Dardanídēs ('descendant of Dardanus') in the Iliad after his oldest known ancestor Dardanus (family tree: Hom. Il. 20,215 ff.; Apollod. 3,138 ff.; Dardanidae). Husband of the Phrygian Hecabe, he had numerous concubines, including Castianera from Thrace (Hom. Il. 8,304 f.) and


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Author(s): Stoevesandt, Magdalene (Basle) | Schwertheim, Elmar (Münster)
(Πήδασος; Pḗdasos). [German version] [1] Trojan Trojan, son of the nymph Abarbaree and of Laomedon's illegitimate son Bucolion; together with his brother Aesepus, he is killed by Euryalus [1] (Hom. Il. 6,20ff.). Stoevesandt, Magdalene (Basle) [German version] [2] Horse of Achilleus [1] Horse of Achilles [1], captured during the conquest of Thebes (at the foot of the Plac…


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Author(s): Stoevesandt, Magdalene (Basle)
[German version] (Πήδαιος; Pḗdaios). Trojan, the illegitimate son of Antenor [1]. For Antenor’s sake his wife, Theano, brought up P. with their own children. He was killed by Meges (Hom. Il. 5,69-75). Stoevesandt, Magdalene (Basle) Bibliography P. Wathelet, Dictionnaire des Troyens de l'Iliade, 1988, Nr. 274.


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Author(s): Stoevesandt, Magdalene (Basle) | Walde, Christine (Basle)
(Κάπυς; Kápys; Lat. Capys). [German version] [1] Vater des Anchises Trojan, descendant of Dardanus ( Dardanidae), father of  Anchises (Hom. Il. 20.239). According to some myths, his grandson Aeneas [1] founded the Arcadian Kap(h)yae (Dion. Hal. Ant. Rom. 1.49.1;…


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Author(s): Stoevesandt, Magdalene (Basle)
(Φαῖνοψ; Phaînops). [German version] [1] Hector's friend from Abydus Hector’s friend and guest from Abydus [1]. Apollo appears before Hector in the guise of P. (Hom. Il. 17,583). Stoevesandt, Magdalene (Basle) [German version] [2] Father of the Trojan warriors, Xanthus and Thoon Father of Xanthus and Thoon who are killed outside Troy (Hom. Il. 5,152ff.). Stoevesandt, Magdalene (Basle) [German version] [3] Father of the Phrygian leader Phorcys Father of the Phrygian leader Phorcys [2] who is killed outside Troy (Hom. Il. 17,312ff.). Stoevesandt, Magdalene (Basle) Bibliography P. W…


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Author(s): Stoevesandt, Magdalene (Basle) | Badian, Ernst (Cambridge, MA)
(Λαομέδων; Laomédōn, ‘Ruler of the People’). [German version] [1] Mythical king of Troy Mythical king of Troy, son of Ilus [1]. Sons: Priamus, Hicetaon, Clytius [ I4], Lampus, Tithonus (Hom. Il. 20,236ff.), the illegitimate Bucolion (ibid. 6,23), and according to Ilias parva 29,4 PEG I Ganymede [1] as well. Daughters: Antigone [4], Astyoche [2], Hesione [4], etc. The main sources for his story (diverging in the details) are Homer (Il. 5,640ff.; 7,452f.; 20,145ff.; 21,441ff.), Apollodorus (2,103f.; 1…


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Author(s): Stoevesandt, Magdalene (Basle)
(Καλήτωρ; Kalḗtōr). [German version] [1] Father of Aphareus Achaean, father of Aphareus who was killed by Aeneas (Hom. Il. 13.541). Stoevesandt, Magdalene (Basle) [German version] [2] Cousin of Hector Trojan, son of  Clytius [4], cousin of Hector (Hom. Il. 15.419f…


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Author(s): Stoevesandt, Magdalene (Basle)
(Φέρεκλος/ Phéreklos). [German version] [1] Trojan Troianer Trojan, son of Tecton ('master builder') and grandson of Harmon ('joiner'); he constructed the ships which Paris used to kidnap Helen [1]; he was killed by Meriones  (Hom. Il. 5,59ff.; Ov. Epist. 16,22). Stoevesandt, Magdalene (Basle) [German version] [2] Helmsman of Theseus Theseus’ helmsman on his journey to Crete (Simon. 550b PMG). Stoevesandt, Magdalene (Basle) Bibliography P. Wathelet, Dictionnaire des Troyens de l'Iliade, 1988, Nr. 334.


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Author(s): Stoevesandt, Magdalene (Basle)
[German version] (Οὐκαλέγων from  οὐκ ἀλέγων, 'without care', Latin Ucalegon). Member of the Trojan council of elders (Hom. Il. 3,146). In Vergil one of the Trojans whose houses were the first to go up in flames when the city was conquered (Verg. Aen. 2,311 f., taken up in  Juv. 3,198 f.). Stoevesandt, Magdalene…
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